Unprecedented C-SPAN Video: 9/11 TRUTH Finally Appears in the Mainstream Media

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Richard Gage speaking on C-SPAN

World-renowned Expert In Controlled Demolition Weighs In

If you haven’t already watched the following video of Richard Gage from ARCHITECTS and ENGINEERS For 9/11 TRUTH shown on C-SPAN, then only seeing is believing.

This unparalleled breakthrough of 9/11 truth into the mainstream media is as consequential as it is explosive for both the real perpetrators and the entire nation.

This irrefutable presentation on the collapse of Building #7 of the World Trade Center Complex is particularly damning because of the authoritative science offered as proof that the 9/11 Commission Report is a fraud. The ramifications are so far-reaching and profound that the entire world will undoubtedly change with the dissemination of these stunning, yet self-evident, revelations!

Via: Jean Haines

More Information: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth


1 Comment

  1. This isn’t as significant as it may appear.

    First, nobody watches C-Span.

    Secondly, the brainwashed heads-in-the-sand automatons known as the American public will only ever be shaken into reality by clear admissions from the actual perpetrators. It’s going to take nothing less than confessions from Bush Jr, Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc.

    Until that happens, anyone who actually examines the evidence will never be regarded anything more than a tinfoil hat wearing kook. That’s just the sad reality of how the average American thinks. All the proof in the world means nothing when 90% of the population is too terrified to even consider it.