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The Event Chronicle is a daily alternative news blog for people interested in seeking truth and exploring alternate view points not covered in the mainstream. We aggregate consciousness expanding articles and videos that are meant to trigger an awakening within the population to help aid in the liberation process of our planet.

Areas of interest include world events, cutting-edge science and technologies, natural health and living, meditation, metaphysics and spirituality, extraterrestrials and disclosure, forbidden history and archaeology, and truth seeking. 

We welcome contributing writers to submit their original content. 

Please spend some time familiarizing yourself with The Event Chronicle’s various sections and regular features before submitting your article to ensure it will be a good fit for our editorial message and our reader’s interests. 

We do our best to respond to all inquiries, but be aware that we are sometimes inundated. If you have not heard back from us within two weeks, please assume that we will not be able to use your submission.

Also note that The Event Chronicle does not solicit fiction submissions and will not be able to respond to such submissions.

Submission Guidelines

  • Word count: There is no minimum word count, although the ideal post runs between 300 and 1000 words.
  • Links to other content: Please search our database of over 7,000 articles for information and links to certain topics before you link to other sources. 
  • Tone: We welcome posts both in the third-person and written in a more personal and direct voice.
  • Lists: Posts offering numbered lists are typically popular, such as “16 Ways to Amp Up Your Brain Power” and “4 Steps to Improve the World.”


  • Original content: We welcome original articles and posts that are not already distributed to other websites, but are unique to personal blogs or are original to The Event Chronicle.
  • Marketing driven content: We are not interested in articles that promote a specific product or service, or are designed with the purpose of link building to boost SEO efforts.
  • Acceptance notification: You will be notified about the acceptance of your article within 7 business days. We appreciate and thoroughly read all submissions, although we may not be able to personally engage or respond to all contributors and writers.


We will gladly include a short bio of each contributing writer, including a byline, links to personal blogs, websites, businesses, Facebook and Twitter accounts, etc. Your contributions will be promoted to beyond The Event Chronicle to a growing social community, further allowing you to leverage your writing into a successful career.

To Send Your Submission

  • Please use the form below to submit articles.
  • All submissions must include a working title and author bio.
  • All supporting images should be attached to the submission with references to original sources if you do not have image rights.
  • Please note that your submission may be edited, abridged or otherwise altered, and by submitting to The Event Chronicles, you agree to this type of editing.

Thank you for your contribution!

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