A Nuclear City Under The Ice (Yes, It’s Real)

No, it’s not science fiction. Quite simply, this is a small ‘mini city’ located under the ice, and powered by a small, simple, and reliable reactor plant.

Rod Adams describes the US Army research station known asCamp Century’….

“It was powered initially by diesel generators, but the long term plan was nuclear power due to the challenge of delivering fuel across the ice. On January 23, 1959, the US Army signed a contract with ALCO (American Locomotive Company) to design and build a reactor that could be prefabricated in the US, disassembled and delivered to Camp Century. The required timeline was short and there were contract penalties of up to $4,000 per day for missing the agreed delivery date.”

“On November 12, 1960, the reactor (designated as PM-2A) started providing electricity and heat to the station. The entire design, build, assemble, test, disassemble, deliver, reassemble, and start-up process took less than 2 years.”

It happened over 50 years ago, yet, it’s still an incredible piece of engineering – even by today’s standards…

Yes, it’s real – and it’s in Greenland…

Before… public relations films like this were common.

Now, this kind of thing is still being built today, but it’s being done quietly. This particular under-the-ice nuclear powered base was built in 1960.

What are they up beneath the ice of Greenland? The made-for-for-the-public answer:

“It’s a remote research community.”

“An elaborate program of tests is being carried out…to expand man’s knowledge of the universe.”

Really? That’s pretty darn vague, isn’t it? Watch…

Originally published July 2015.

This article (A Nuclear City Under The Ice (Yes, It’s Real)) was originally published on 21st Century Wire and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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