24,544 Sealed Indictments – WHERE ARE THE ARRESTS?!

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  1. Sadly this takedown narrative is showing itself to be fake news. Probably dreamt up by an alphabet agency, to get the deluded sheeple who believe they are awake, to focus on apathy. Whilst the cabal and their minions laugh as they stay free. As all we hear is, SOON, but soon never happens.
    Surely many of you out there are waking up,to this event narrative as a hoax? As we get a raft of excitement. Only for a larger raft of excuses to follow when it never transpires. The Q post sadly are too vague. Or excuses for why nothing ever happens. Now other bloggers claim geo engineering and chemtrails are finished. But here in the UK they spray us without a pause. I can only go off what I see. And what is visible is contrary to this narrative