David Seaman & Yvonne Live in DC – Discussion on Current Events and Cabal Takedown

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David and Yvonne review & recap April 2018’s bombshell news month over drinks from the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.


The Event Chronicle Editor’s Note: In case you missed it, David Wilcock had the following to say about David Seaman in his most recent report “Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now“.

My friend David Seaman had his entire identity deleted off of YouTube and social media, only to return with stunning confidence — and new, direct intel about the arrests that are pending.

David Wilcock, April 27, 2018


Excerpt by David Wilcock

David disappeared for a while after his Deep State “identity theft,” but then came back with a vengeance.

He has now moved to Washington DC and created the Fulcrum News Service.

He also posted a very interesting video on April 5th, where he was popping champagne and saying that it was all over… the Deep State was finished.

In this video he reveals that he was working with Alliance members, who told him the things he was reporting on were true and asked him to continue.

Someone apparently showed him some of the sealed indictments, meaning that they were at least unsealed on the inside.

He has been given a view into what was going on.

Here is an embedded link to the video if you want to watch the whole thing:

MORE: David Seaman Reports Sealed Indictments Are Now Unsealed – Arrest of the Cabal Occurring


In this video, among other things, David reveals that the NXIVM cult was involved with the Deep State, using B-list actresses to recruit children and young women as sex slaves.

He was also told that the MS-13 gang was being used by Democrats for targeted assassinations.

At 45:09, he said MSM people will be dropping like flies and disappearing. The reality will be that they have been indicted.

Once the indictments are unsealed, the next step is an arrest.

He also indicated, quite controversially, that the Alliance has now been able to stop most, if not all of the alleged chemtrail activity in our skies.

This apparently accounts for why the weather has been crazy, with more precipitation and storm activity than usual.

At 52:30, he reveals that he has seen some of the indictments, including the people who were named, and is very satisfied.

He did say that many people with well-known public names will be arrested, more than you can imagine within the 20,000 plus indictments.

This includes a variety of prominent celebrities who have not yet been ensnared in the #MeToo movement.

He also indicated a very rapid timetable of expectations: “within two weeks”, he was told we would see major things happening.

That time window has come and gone, and plans like this invariably take longer than they were originally expected to.


In a newer video from April 24th, David reveals that two of the unsealed indictments are already public now.

This specifically is USA vs. Keith Raniere, the head of the NXIVM cult, and USA vs. Allison Mack, the Smallville actress.

You can see that the Raniere indictment was filed on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2018, but was only unsealed on 4/20.

Notice where it says “To Be Filed Under Seal” above, and the February 14th date in red.

Allison has been sentenced to cyber monitoring and house arrest. David says that if she can be one of these people, then anyone can.

It is important to remember that all women in this cult had to have sex with Raniere, even if they were under-age.

This therefore is Pizzagate. Child sex trafficking. And it ran right through Hollywood.

Here is a link to a very sad video of Allison Mack talking about JNess, a division of the NXIVM cult, in glowing terms.

According to David’s intel, NXIVM is only one small part of a much larger conspiracy involving the Deep State and Hollywood.

You can read more of David Wilcock’s comments on David Seaman in Part 2 of his report: The Deep State Takedown.



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