Deep Black Secrets: Trillions Spent by Shadow Government on Covert Programs

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By Kurt Nimmo

In 2013, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden provided us with evidence of the existence of massive theft of taxpayer dollars used in top secret, need-to-know intelligence programs. Only a few individuals are aware of where the money is going and what it is used for. In 2013 alone, a remarkable 52.6 billion dollars was used for operations. However, according to insiders, this number is an underestimate and is more likely in the trillions. Huge amounts of money are missing from the Pentagon, the Federal Reserve, and a number of federal agencies.

All of this thievery became possible with the establishment of the national security state in 1947. The CIA was permitted to avoid reporting to Congress on its budget and intelligence activities. Due to secrecy and lack of meaningful oversight, we know very little about what programs this massive black budget funds.

Researchers believe much of the money is going into advanced weapons programs. Although black programs are compartmentalized and enjoy the highest degree of secrecy, researchers say they have tracked spy satellites and foraged through bureaucratic refuse of CIA front companies to discover clues. We will probably never know the full extent of what’s going on with the black budget. However, we do know that government in league with the financial elite have engaged in countless crimes. Stealing trillions of dollars and using it to wage endless war against the world is certainly not out of the question.

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