Every time John McCain makes secret trips to Syria, chemical weapon attacks follow

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By Alex Christoforou

Senator John McCain made a secret trip to a Kurdish-held region in northern Syria the week of February 20th, 2017, to speak with US military officials, rebel fighters, and leaders in the region.

McCain spokeswoman, Julie Tarallo, confirmed that McCain made this secret trip, calling it a “valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq.”

The Wall Street Journal said the trip was organized with help of the US military, and it was the first time a US lawmaker had traveled to the region since American special operations forces began fighting alongside local forces.

McCain also met with Turkish President Erdogan to discuss the situation in Syria and current US-Turkey relations.

McCain said in a statement…

“The change of administration in the United States presents an important opportunity to review and reassess current policy in Syria.”

On April 4th, 2017 a suspicious chemical attack in an Idlib province prompted US President Trump to launch missiles at Syria. McCain applauded the action and urged for more.

McCain has an uncanny talent to show up in places rife with geo-political tension, and upon McCain’s departure conflict cranks up to deadly levels. Coincidence?

McCain was in Syria coordinating with ISIS leader al-Baghdadi in 2013. Where in Syria was McCain? He was in Idlib, Syria.

McCain’s first “secret” Syria visit took place on May 27, 2013. The Ghouta, Syria chemical attack occurred on 21 August 2013.

According to AP, McCain crossed the border near Kilis, Turkey, and spent two hours meeting with ‘rebel leaders’ near Idlib, Syria. The article further states that McCain made the trip in order to demand “aggressive military action in the 2-year-old Syrian civil war, calling for the establishment of a no-fly zone and arming the rebels”.

Presidential Spokesman Jay Carney said “the White House was aware in advance of McCain’s plans to travel to Syria. Carney declined to say whether McCain was carrying any message from the administration, but he said White House officials looked forward to hearing about his trip”.

Here is an ABC News report on the “secret” visit to Idlib, which speaks volumes:

McCain’s two-hour visit to Idlib, Syria garnered a lot of attention because the “rebel” leaders seen in the photos that McCain posted to his Twitter account look very much like the leaders of ISIS…Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Muahmmad Noor.

John McCain was also in Libya right before it was bombed to oblivion by the Obama Administration and NATO forces.

McCain was in Ukraine during the Maidan, instigating the overthrow of a legitimately elected and established government in collusion with neo-nazi forces.

I am no betting man, but I have sneaky suspicion that the chemical weapons false flag and McCain’s “secret” Syria trip this February have some sort of connection.

McCain made a secret trip in 2013 to Idlib, Syria…months later the Ghouta chemical weapons false flag.

McCain made a secret trip to Syria in February 2017…chemical weapons attack in Idlib a month later.


This article (Every time John McCain makes secret trips to Syria, chemical weapon attacks follow) was originally published on The Duran and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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  1. Funny, as McCain pictures are several years old. But there again, he couldn’t have been to Syria, because he is under house arrest. Oh hang on, the whole house arrest narrative is pure BS

    • Chris…he knows how to get in touch with these same people…it’s by simply speed-dialing on his iPhone and that’s the name of that tune. He is a traitor and will see gitmo…and his military tribunal, along with over 24,000 others. Yep…that figure is correct. The Swamp is being drained…and indictments are what has been keeping Sessions very busy.

  2. Hi Caliegirl, My comment was mainly around the picture used being several years old. And sarcastic comments that many bloggers have spread stating McCain is under house arrest. That is a total fallcy. He hasnt been arrested.
    As for Trump, he has just outed himself as a Cabal stooge. As he has now boldly stated, he is going to bomb Assad and Syria. Under the false pretence that Assad used chemical weapons. (Why would he when he has already won the war) So Trump isnt draining anything, except for any hope we may have had.
    There could 1 billion indictments. If they never act on them, it is pointless excercise. All the cryptic Q nonsense that Trump is a good guy. Then why is he starting the third world war the cabal desparately need? Otherwise he would be opening the indictments and rounding up the bad guys. But none of that has or will happen.
    Lets take a closer look at the fake news false narrative. Gitmo, including “secret” courts. Then how will anyone know if anyone is charged sentenced or whatever? It stinks to me like another alphbet agency psyop. Until we see real evidence of any arrest, then it cannot be stated as fact. As Trump is starting the Cabal war they need and want. Do you really believe trumpo is draining the swamp? Nope, he is filling it