Flynn, PizzaGate and the US Government’s Internal War

By Ryan Christian

There is never any shortage of outrageous topics to cover in the current American Political circus, and with both sides selling their version of events as “The Facts” Americans are left making emotional decisions on very important events. We find ourselves in a time where one’s feelings, personal opinion and political leanings are taking precedent over the truth. I don’t need to tell you, our loyal Vagabonds, how damaging that can be, and will be, for the future success of the nation, or rather, the future successes for the people of this nation–as those in their ivory towers are seldom affected by the subsequent privation of the average man.

This intentional confusion, and muddling of fact with opinion, all stems back to one clear and dangerous truth: The US government is currently at war with itself.

This war is seemingly over the presidential seat of power, or rather, to maintain the perception surrounding that seat. This should show us one very important thing above all else … that there is no democratic process in this country; just the illusion of one. The actions of recent months have made that extremely clear–as a sullen child who does get what it craves, they attempt to dismantle the very foundation of this country so as to get their way. And it should go without saying that this war, and everything that comes as a result of it, are both damaging to the nation’s quality of life, and the ongoing illusion of freedom that seems to be dissipating at record pace. And despite all of the high-minded lies about some “greater good,” most are starkly aware of that fact. 

In this week’s episode we discuss the resignation of General Flynn–and all the misconception surrounding that event–the ongoing PizzaGate investigation and the recent arrests, and most importantly, the US government’s internal war.

This article (Flynn, PizzaGate and the US Government’s Internal War) was originally published on The Last American Vagabond and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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  1. Enjoyed this discussion. You hit on very important topics. NOw-from a woman’s point of view. At this point, pizzagate must be handled, obviously you don’t have children. Cats out of the bag. At this point, I want everyone implicated in this fully investigated. Here and around the world. Yes, the deep state as you call it must be brought totally down. Soros dead, along with rothchilds. Gates. Organic constitution, roll back to 13th amendment. Common law restored. Add bushes, clintons, rockfellers,Kissinger,to the list, then we may have a chance at world peace.