One of the most obvious reasons for the failure of Hillary Clinton to win the presidency in 2016 stems from the former Secretary of State’s longstanding reputation as one of the most corrupt and crooked politicians of our modern era.

By Andrew West

Clinton, who rose to power at her husband’s side, has long been on the shadowy, clandestine side of American political theater, having founded The Clinton Foundation as a charitable organization through which the former First Lady could funnel illicit funds and wield power from behind the virtue signaling shield of philanthropy.  Of course, it only took a few decades for the internet and some intrepid insiders at the democratic party to expose the surly and scandalous witch, effectively derailing her hopes of every working on The Beltway again.

Of course, we mustn’t ever forget that Hillary Clinton is also an incredibly powerful and dangerous woman, who has outlived nearly every one of the enemies that she has made in her turbulent career in public office.

Now, a tweet by one former CIA counterterrorism expert claims that his criticism of Hillary Clinton has caused him to be the victim of terrifying and unheard of harassment, possibly at the hands of the former Secretary of State’s goons.

Shipp’s comments just weeks after the death of Anthony Bourdain, who had openly spoken about his own harrowing experiences being harassed by the Clintons for the exposure he caused them.  Bourdain’s death comes nearly a year to the day after DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered.

Rich’s murder was considered a “botched robbery” by D.C. police, but many have indicated that Rich’s possible connection to Wikileaks made him a target for those politically effected by the website’s release of emails from within the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign.

Andrew West is a Georgia-based political enthusiast and lover of liberty. When not writing, you can find Mr. West home brewing his own craft beer, perfecting his home-made hot sauce recipes, or playing guitar.

This article (Former CIA Spook Claims Phones Tapped, Home Invaded After Clinton Criticism) was originally published on Constitution and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


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