February 15, 2019

The Event Chronicle Editor’s Note: Last night I spent a couple of hours reading and researching Neon Revolt’s lengthy article on Hollywood insider and whistleblower ‘Renegade who’s been dropping explosive information about Hollywood on the Chans over the past couple of days.

This morning when I woke up I began checking to see if there had been any follow-up to Renegade and his revelations and discovered a new insider has begun coming forward by the name of Isaac Kappy. Isaac has appeared in the films Thor and Terminator Salvation, among others, and is also listed as a writer and producer. His IMDB page be found here: Isaac Kappy on the Internet Movie Database.

Looking for more information, I found a couple of video via Rumor Mill News, which I’ve added below Isaac’s Twitter stream.

Please take the time to read: How Hollywood Insiders Are Taking Down The Cabal from the Inside-Out 


  • A theory: WHAT IF Tom Hanks, Seth Green, etc… (wether they’re guilty or not) were actually TRYING TO EXPOSE the pedophilia problem, citing even bigger names, and someone decided to destroy their carreer to protect the bigger fishes?

    Could the (allegeded) pedophiles “outed” by Ashcraft and Isaac Kappy actually be victims of a smear campaign?

    So much info/disinfo out there, i’m just trying to look for every possible angle…

  • What a sick pity childish disturbing sounds are added to the last video. So it seems that pedo’s are not only sick pity childish distrurbers with children as pedo’s, but in all their lives.

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