The Luciferian Agenda of the Vatican and the Jesuits

The Roman Catholic Church, the Society of Jesus and the Knights of Malta run the world activities. This is why English law uses a Latin law dictionary, why Washington D.C. was called previous, Rome, Maryland, why we have Rome-ance.

The Vatican has clearly stated its big picture agenda & goal is to rid all Christians and heretics off the face of the Earth.

This video lists Knights of Malta members and Freemasons of many who you have heard of and have been in powers of government and power for the past century and beyond.

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  1. And this spells out exactly what I’m saying on Ben Fulford. And the way he promotes not only the Jesuit Pope, but the British paedophile royals.
    If this doesn’t have alarm bells ringing with Ben and his updates, and how he is promoting the NWO agenda. Then you will stay asleep.
    The reset of debt, if it ever happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have to take the frid chip with it. If you do, along with accepting the AI to control you with it, then they have won. They will try and put a spin on it with a smiling face. Once you enter into the agreement, it is over.
    China for the past few years has been putting up the controlling cell towers to allow the control of the populous with RFID implants.
    Time for waking is very short, I just fear most, if not 99% of the planet ain’t awake enough to see it