The Mainstream Satanic Deception Exposed

The Satanic fashion show INSIDE of St. Andrew church in London is just one more example of the mainstreaming of Satanism and the elite’s Luciferian doctrine. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Satanic agenda has become more overt and in-your-face in recent years – here’s what you need to know about the elite’s increasingly obvious war on God, and the war for your soul.

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  1. Hidden in plain sight. I dont know if anyone has watched the TV show called Lucifer. I believe this to be another example of, making a hero of the character. Yet more seed planting, that too many brush off as, “Its just a TV programme”
    The Editor on this site has posted another great example of this agenda, Which is a purely Luciferian fashion show in London. Inside a church as well. Have you connected the dots yet? This to me anyway, is showing that the elite arent bothered. They see themselves as winning. Look at all the ground they are gaining. The agenda of the great work of ages is progressing very well for them. Whilst others worry about Alt left alt Right distractions. Or hang of bloggers every word as a factual statement. WHne nothing they hav ever said has happened. Wake up sheeple. Time is getting very short. And THEY ARE WINNING.
    We need to stand up as one, coalese into being the way. Where all are cared for. Not staying mute when they engineer more adverse weather, then send those who lost their homes to FEMA camps. The Cavalry arent coming. It is up to us to stop this. And WE CAN