PedoGate Now Being Taken Seriously After Decades of Denial

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By Starship Earth

For anyone who still isn’t convinced that PizzaGate is not only real and that perps are being investigated and charged, you will be forced to reconsider.

Child abuse victim’s artwork from experiences in satanic pedophilia ring

In the sting operation in California recently (article below), authorities said this:

This latest operation makes it clear too that the alleged Pizza-gate story is one that should not be dismissed without due investigation. We can’t just ignorantly dismiss something because we don’t want to believe it isn’t happening and that it might involve high level politicians and well known elites. We as a society owe all victims of this terrible crime thorough investigations into possible or suspected trafficking cases. Source

Concurrently, former Congressman Anthony Weiner is under investigation as a result of the WikiLeaks Podesta emails that someone went to a great deal of trouble to expose:

Democrat Anthony Weiner Facing Child-Porn Charges

Make no mistake—it’s not just a few twisted Washington politicians—it’s global. The sex rings and Human trafficking are big business, and it’s a pretty sure bet it’s going on in YOUR town.

We have in the past shared news stories from Norway, Toronto, Washington, Los Angeles, Belgium, Netherlands, and here’s a small example from Philadelphia recently:

Bucks County Authorities Make Arrest In Fetish-Themed Child Predator Sex Ring

Ben Swann, who aired his own segment on PizzaGate recently has now gone dark and CBS removed his video from their website.

US Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia died under suspicious circumstances at a ranch in Texas and his body hastily transported by authorities and embalmed without an autopsy. He had just met with then president Barack Obama—about something that was big enough to cost him his life.

There are a lot of unexplained activities unfolding, and they may very well be related.

What certainly appears to be evident now is, the law is going after pedophiles. Much of it involves satanic ritual abuse. It isn’t the occasional little “pizza party”—it’s weekly, all over the world according to witnesses and victims.

The public has for years been able to ignore the countless news articles about priests sexually abusing young boys while the offenders are merely moved to a new parish.

…over the years, the Vatican has paid nearly $4 billion dollars to victims of pedophilia, which stemmed from clergy members abusing children. When it comes to the elite, it doesn’t get much higher than the Vatican. If the Vatican is involved, there are certainly lower level, but still powerful, groups and organizations involved. The lies and cover-ups are unraveling. Source

The British “Windsor” family’s good friends in the church have been involved—and ol’ Jimmy Savile. They let that story die until he had passed. How convenient.

Reverend Kevin Annett of Vancouver has spent years exposing the ritual abuse and genocide of First Nations children in Canada at the hands of the high and mighties in society as far back as the 1960s—including Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip. Mass graves at an Indian Residential School in Brantford, Ontario were examined and contained proof of foul play.

Another mass grave full of 800 dismembered and hacked up childrens’ skeletons came into our awareness in Ireland.

Nearly 800 Children Found In Mass Grave Near Former Home For Unwed Mothers In Ireland

(Do I need to point out that “mass graves” cannot be “accidents”?)

The media can spin it any way they like by leaving out the inconvenient details, but we know the facts, regardless.

Slowly, the law is following up on the threads—and the public is following suit. They encourage citizen arrests.

We were told “mass arrests” would be taking place in these times. Don’t expect to see it pasted across the tabloids or on your news feed. Some of the activities are kept quiet so as not to upset the public. In America—they have guns.

Followed far enough, this networked trail of bodies, perverted sexual deviation and murder lead directly to the Vatican and royalty. Hollywood is rife with it.

Sure, it’s difficult to believe that respected individuals in society could do these things to children, but how long can the Average Joe ignore it?

Isn’t it obvious why the truth has been buried for so long? They own the media for god’s sake, and unfortunately, these sickos’ sexual appetites are insatiable. It goes much deeper than you know.

Every headline we see is merely the tip of an iceberg.

Couldn’t one say that those who ignore the crime and allow it to continue are equally as guilty as those who prey on Human Beings?

The victims are not all children, but our offspring are always our children. What if it were OUR child who had been ritually and routinely shackled, drugged, molested, raped, tortured, murdered, dismembered and feasted upon—or is about to be?  ~ BP

Think Pizzagate isn’t possible? 474 arrested in major pedophile bust throughout California

Hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually exploited children and adult victims were rescued across California during a statewide operation to combat human trafficking, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Tuesday.

More than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces, including the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, participated in the third annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” enforcement operation, according to a sheriff’s news release.

The statewide operation took place over the three-day period between last Thursday and Saturday.

In total, 474 arrests were made, including 142 males on solicitation charges, and 36 males on suspicion of pimping, according to figures provided by the Sheriff’s Department.

Additionally, 28 commercially and sexually exploited children and 27 adult victims were rescued.

“You are worthy of more. And we will work tirelessly with our partners … to provide you services and help you rebuild your life,” Sheriff Jim McDonnell said, addressing the victims during a news conference on Tuesday.

The minors who were recovered during the operation were being cared for by various children and family services agencies across the state, according to sheriff’s officials. The Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking and the Saving Innocence organization were coordinating efforts to help victims in L.A. County.

“Operation Reclaim and Rebuild focused on rescuing victims of sexual slavery and human trafficking, providing victims with much-needed services, identifying and arresting their captors, seeking successful prosecutions, and disrupting the demand for vulnerable victims by targeting their customers,” the release stated.

“Police agencies and other trafficking task forces throughout our state joined in the enforcement operation to send the clear message that California law enforcement shares a unified mandate: Human trafficking must not be tolerated in our state!” (source)

This article (PizzaGate Now Being Taken Seriously After Decades of Denial) was originally published on Starship Earth and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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