Priory of Sion and the Bloodline of Christ Started By Jesuits?

Greg talks about how he searched for the Priory of Sion back in the 80s in France.

The Investigative Journal Radio Show is produced by Greg Anthony Szymanski and is broadcast on First Amendment Radio as well as on YOU TUBE. The show previously ran for 11 years on other stations.

During Greg’s tenure as a real live journalist working for the lying mainstream media, he worked in Rome for 6 years, experiencing Vatican intrigue first hand. He was nearly killed in a terrorist attack, see link.

“It was a close call,” said Greg, looking back on the incident. “I was in the hallway just seconds before the explosion which ripped the hallway to pieces. Luckily, I was going down the stairs to the news room when it went off.”

Greg said this near death experience changed his life, leading him on a quest to find out the evil roots of terrorism as well as CIA and Vatican/Jesuit involvement.

“That explosion, one of many during those years in Rome, had to be an inside job, said Greg.

This article (Priory of Sion and the Bloodline of Christ Started By Jesuits?) was originally published on Inside the Investigative Journal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

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