February 20, 2019

By Haley Kennington

Tweets have surfaced on Reddit from actor Rainn Wilson’s account that mention eating human baby meat, draining blood from a child and the scarification of virgins.

Rainn Wilson is an actor best known for his role in “The Office” as Dwight Schrute where he was also a writer. Wilson currently lives in Los Angeles with his fiction writer wife, Holiday Reinhorn, but they also happen to run a foundation in Haiti for disadvantaged girls named Lide Haiti.

The now deleted tweets are quite grotesque:

WARNING, these are graphic:

“What about human baby meat? RT what should i eat for dinner? i am thinking pasta?! (via @heidimontag)”-Jan 26 2010

“Little concerned – this morning, found blood in my urine. Well, not ‘my’ urine. The baby urine I wash my hair with.” -Oct 24 2011

“I would totally f*ck a muppet.”- Aug 30 2011

“Beautiful day for the ritual scarification of a virgin!” -July 9 2011

“Joke: ‘How many clowns does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: Twelve. One to screw it in and eleven to kidnap and chew on human babies.’” -Nov 12 2009

“If you want to punish a teenager, simply take away their cellphone! And sodomize them with it.”-Sept 2 2011

“The Catholic Church should set up a program where all the abused little kids are allowed to molest the priests.”-Mar 26 2010

“I drained the blood out of a goth kid. Does that make me a goth by proxy?”-Oct 7 2011.

The tweets have been deleted, but were archived in the comment thread of a tweet belonging to YouTube personality Jordan Sather (@Jordan_Sather_).

Big League Politics spoke with Sather and he was unaware of the photo collage and was unsure which tweet it had been left on.

The mass deletion of Tweets, James Gunn style, makes one wonder if Wilson used NBC News’ advice on how to get rid of all those pesky satanic and pedophilia laced tweets:

Will these all be explained away as jokes, too? Time will tell.

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