The Dark Truth Behind The Story Of The James Gunn Disney Firing

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By DCWhispers

51-year-old James Gunn is a highly successful Hollywood director, most notably for his involvement in the multi-billion dollar Marvel series franchise. Today he was fired by Disney for a multitude of messages Disney execs deemed highly offensive. The gist of those messages involved Gunn’s seeming support of pedophilia. Those defending the director claim Gunn was joking. Those opposed to his views say he minimized/ridiculed/promoted what is a very serious issue  – particularly in Hollywood where abuses against children are believed to be far more serious than the even the genesis for the #MeToo movement. While #MeToo continues to garner considerable attention, the claims of widespread pedophilia in the entertainment industry remain largely ignored.

Was Mr. Gunn actually guilty of promoting pedophilia? Who knows. What is known is that there are those in Hollywood with the answers – answers that involve far more than just him. The subject matter has been broached, carefully, by some. Those examples might have even been a cry for help or an admission of guilt. You decide…

This article (The Dark Truth Behind The Story Of The James Gunn Disney Firing) was originally published on DC Whispers and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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