The Event Chronicle Needs You Help

The Event Chronicle Needs Your Help

The Event Chronicle is a daily alternative news blog for people interested in seeking truth and exploring alternate view points not covered in the mainstream. It is one of the larger free resource sites for our community.

To help support The Event Chronicle grow, please consider donating a small amount to help with the upkeep costs of running this website. Below is an overview of where we need help, and how you can help us.

Hosting and Security

As The Event Chronicle has grown since launching in 2014, I’ve had to move the website to bigger and better servers five times and the costs are growing. I also have to pay for various upgraded security because we frequently get attacked by hackers. The cost of hosting and security, along with some various business expenses, is just under $500 a month.

When I started this project, I had a small savings account of $8000 and each month I would withdraw money to cover these costs, but my savings account is now empty and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cover these costs each month.

Monthly Subscription

If you are a regular reader and enjoy The Event Chronicle, I would truly appreciate it if you could make a small monthly contribution to help keep us afloat.

One Time Donation

I know there are many of you who find our website useful and read its pages every day because I receive kind notes of encouragement from you often. If every person reading this who is able to make a small donation then I’ll be able to keep the website going through this tough personal time. I would appreciate it more than you could possibly imagine.

Your contribution will go directly towards sustaining my efforts to provide a quality alternative news hub for years to come. Please consider supporting my work with a one-time donation, or by making recurring monthly micro-donations, using the links below. Just check the “I would like this donation to automatically repeat each month” option. All recurring donations will go toward the server and hosting costs, operational expenses, and help purchasing a new computer. Recurring monthly donations can be cancelled at any time.

Things are tough for everyone right now, so if you are unable to help with a donation, you can still participate and give us a hand by following us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), sharing our articles on social media pages, and subscribing to our newsletter to stay in touch.

From my heart to yours, I love you all and appreciate you so much!

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