The Ebola Hoax and the Dark Pharma Agenda

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The medical industrial complex is still in denial. They are not only ‘saving lives’. People are dying, while record shareholder profits are being made.

As this author, John Thomas, rightly points out – in this age of genetically modified organisms and biological engineering, any rational discussion or debate on this issue should not rule out human intervention as a cause for the random emergence of these seemingly unexplainable, designer viruses.

He also points out the alarming similarities between the 1976 Swine Flu Hoax and Ebola. Thomas asks, “Are we facing an Ebola pandemic that will kill millions, or is this just a marketing plan of the pharmaceutical industry to sell more drugs and vaccines? We’ll second that.

There’s a very strong possibility that history has repeated itself with Ebola.

Also included in that category are many high-profile illnesses, like Gulf War Syndrome, with many of the same medically unexplained chronic symptoms as some of the viruses listed below.

What is the common denominator between all of these diseases? Answer: vaccines…

As Enterovirus D68 Deaths Increase, Are Vaccine Contaminants to Blame?

John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

In 2014 two killer viruses have been reported in the U.S. news. One has been linked to 11 deaths, and the other to a single death.

The virus linked to one confirmed death in the U.S. has garnered far more media coverage than the other: the Ebola virus.

I previously reported on Ebola Zaire:

Similarities Between 1976 Swine Flu Hoax and Ebola?

In the Ebola article, I questioned whether we are facing a true pandemic threat, or a pharmaceutical company hoax. Pharmaceutical companies are now involved in a pull out all the stops rush to prepare an Ebola vaccine for the US market even though there has only been one confirmed death from Ebola in the United States.

The second virus, Enterovirus D68, has received far less press coverage since the Ebola news exploded. This virus has killed 11 people so far, mostly small children. Enterovirus D68 causes respiratory problems and can cause “polio-like” paralysis. So Enterovirus D68 is not all hype, as it is affecting the lives of many children.

Enteroviruses are not new in the U.S., so what is causing this particular virus to become so deadly?…

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Source: 21st Century Wire


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