Bob Lazar Speaks Out After 25 Years: The Man Who Exposed Area 51 Defends UFO Information

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(KLAS-TV News) Las Vegas — It has been 25 years to the day since a live interview with a shadowy guy named “Dennis” changed everything for America’s most secret military base.

“Dennis” turned out later to be a man named Bob Lazar, who claimed he worked at a secret facility built into a mountainside just south of Area 51’s main facilities.

The story started a UFO stampede that continues to this day. Lazar has tried to put the UFO tales behind him, and has been discredited in the eyes of some critics, but it is a story that simply won’t go away.

The I-Team’s George Knapp coaxed Lazar into talking about the last quarter century of UFO craziness.

The story that Bob Lazar told 25 years ago this week has gone around the world many times over, inspiring books and TV shows, and movies. Who knew that Indiana Jones’ warehouse is out at Area 51?

Another repository of Area 51 lore is the exhibit at the Atomic Testing Museum. While in town recently for the interview, Lazar took the tour. He watched tapes of the first interviews he ever gave about his time working at S-4 and plowed through boxes of paperwork about his claims. Lazar re-iterated his preference that people don’t believe his story.

“Look, I’m not out there giving UFO lectures, producing tapes. This is not a business of mine. I am trying to run a scientific business, and if I’m the UFO guy, it makes it really difficult, it is to my benefit that people don’t believe the story,” Lazar said.

These days, Lazar and his wife operate a scientific supply firm in Michigan. He has received media coverage because of the odd stuff he sells online but not everyone has made the connection to Area 51 and the stampede he started back in 1989, when he told of working at S-4 south of Area 51, where he saw flying saucers so advanced they had to be from somewhere else.

This is a model of the reactor that he says was able to generate its own gravitational field, powered by what he called element 115.

“Barry turned on the reactor, which is a flat plate, half a basketball essentially on it, just a hemisphere. And once activated you could not touch the sphere. You put your hand on it, just like poles of a magnet. The exact same type of force. We had a little golf ball and threw it at it and rebounded and knocked a ceiling tile out of place. That alone is something amazing that could change everything we know today,” Lazar said.

The story exploded among UFO researchers, and just as quickly, led to questions and denouncements. The I-Team confirmed that Lazar previously worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory, but the I-Team also reported that his claimed education credentials could not be proven.

UFO experts including physicist Stanton Friedman also dug into his background.

“Here is a bright guy. I did a lot of checking. I find a lot of things didn’t check out. It doesn’t mean I disagree with everything he ever said, or that he was a liar all the time. It means I can’t find the story as presented. What he did out there I don’t know,” Friedman said.

Lazar says there is no end to the questions, and even if he could prove he worked at S-4, someone would say he could have been the janitor, so he generally avoids the topic altogether.

“You want some of the fame? The fame. There is no big dump truck dropping off money at my house every Thursday night. I have better things to do. Generally, people have to twist my arm to come out and do things like that, as you know, you’re the arm twister,” Lazar said.

Those who were around him at the time the story broke, or took trips into the desert to see the craft fly above S-4 say, you really had to be there.

“There is a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) moron that calls me every once in awhile and he says, ‘you don’t still believe that guy do you?’ And I say, ‘I lived it.’ The whole two years, and it was fantastic, one of the greatest times of my life,” aviator John Lear said.

“He wouldn’t go to the trouble to make up a story to lie to the people and then perpetuate that lie. Bob has no idea who won the Super Bowl last year, or the World Series. He is just busy doing scientific stuff in the Bob Lazar world. He wouldn’t waste his time perpetuating a lie on anyone,” friend of Lazar, Gene Huff said.

“Look, I know what happened is true. There is no doubt. Period,” Lazar said.

Lazar was known to have unconventional interests and a spotty financial record. So why would a top secret program let him in? One theory is that maybe someone predicted he would spill the beans, and was chosen because they wanted the UFO story to be planted. Lazar told the I-Team he can’t rule that out entirely.

Source: KLAS-TV

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Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot comments: Bob Lazar is telling the truth… See the Camelot John Lear interviews for more on Lazar:


John has been close friends with Bob Lazar for years.

This is disclosure amping up.  George Knapp is the reporter on this latest Bob Lazar story and he is a well known investigator into the UFO/ET reality.  He has also been a host on Coast-to-Coast AM over the years.

The Bob Lazar Story

Summary: This is a really fascinating story and the story self has as many supporters as it has debunkers. In 1989, a man named Robert Scott Lazar contacted the Las Vegas television station (KLAS) and claimed that he had been working as a physicist on the government’s most highly classified project, Galileo, which involves back engineering alien technology.

“”I am exactly sure of what I saw. I know what mainstream science is like, I know where physics stands—I know all of that—and this is an extraterrestial craft, this technology is hundreds and hundreds of years in advance of us, and that’s the end of that story.” – Bob Lazar

This is a really fascinating story and the story self has as many supporters as it has debunkers.

In 1989, a man named Robert Scott Lazar contacted the Las Vegas television station (KLAS) and claimed that he had been working as a physicist on the government’s most highly classified project, Galileo, which involves back engineering alien technology.

The research took place at a hidden base there, referred to as S4. S4 is located ca. 16 km south of the famous Area 51, by the Papoose lake.

He stated that the craft he was shown displayed technology that was hundreds of years in advance of us.

Since going out public and telling the story he had has his life threatened and he has been shot at.

The television journalist George Knapp was interested in the story and started searching for more information.

Here started the investigation problems. The S4 base is in a restricted area, it is impossible for anyone outside of the government to directly visit the place and confirm or deny Lazar’s story.

Bob Lazar’s background has been difficult to verify. His hospital birth records, college transcripts and employment records, including those of his employment with Los Alamos National Laboratories and through EG&G had been erased.

Lazar claimed to have worked at the Los Almos National Laboratories, but no record was of his employment there was found. Hovewer his name appear in an old telephone directory of Los Alamos scientists. An article in a July, 1982 edition of the Los Alamos Monitor, which shows a picture of Bob by a jet car and refers to his employment as a scientist with Los Alamos, is also hard to explain. There are also Los Alamos employees who told KLAS TV’s George Knapp they remember Bob Lazar.

Bob Lazar worked between December 1988 and April 1989 in at the zone S-4. During this period, he would have had admission to very private information. He had seen documents and autopsy of aliens corpses. The main purpose of his work was to “reverse engineering” alien flying saucers. Lazar observed nine different kinds of saucers parked in the hanger.

Bob Lazar would have worked on a flying saucer with a diameter of
9-12 m. It had a console and the seats were small, almost made as for children. He was told that the aliens came from from the fourth planet of the binary stellar system Zeta Reticuli 2.

Lazar told in an interview that the alien craft fly by amplifying gravity waves. According to Lazar the saucer was moved by a reactor placed on the floor. As fuel, the saucer would have an element with atomic number 115, a ore which cannot be synthesized on the earth. The element is also the source of the gravity-A wave which is amplified for space/time distortion and travel.This kind of propulsion would allow to make the flying saucers invisible and the discs do not need to travel in a linear mode. That meens they can cover huge distance in very little time. In our physics speed is defined as a distance divided by time. These discs operate by warping time itself and space itself. They break Einstein’s famous rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

For those who believe Bob Lazar, is his evidence supporting his claims is considerable. Lazar comes across as a very credible individual with a solid background in physics, electrical engineering, and propulsion systems. He is able to provide a great amount of detail in describing of his employment, the base, his co-workers, and the alien craft itself that would be difficult to fabricate.

If the claims of Robert Lazar are true, it represents one of the most secret and bizarre, operations of the United States government.

Source: UFO Evidence


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