Cobra: Pleiadians

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By Cobra

Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light. Most of the surface population is so enmeshed in the dysfunctional state of affairs on this planet that it is difficult for them to believe that beings that are full of Love and Light without an agenda really exist.

But they do. In fact, beings like that are the majority in this Galaxy. And Pleiadians are among them.
Pleiadians originate from angelic evolution that entered this dimensional universe by entering through the Galactic Central Sun portal.

They have then explored the Galaxy in their angelic Light bodies until they settled in the Pleiades star cluster which emerged from plasma into the physical plane about 18 million years ago.

They were consciously trying to densify one of their plasma home planets into the physical dense matter and the planet exploded.

Fragments of their exploded home world scattered throughout the Galaxy and some of them hit the Earth as Moldavites:

One big piece of Moldavite with 144,000 Light encodements of 144,000 volunteers for the Earth mission was later carved into a holy Grail.

Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Pleiadians have learned that violence does not solve problems and have decided not to partake in Galactic wars anymore, and turned their focus on building a peaceful culture that expanded on hundreds of planets in the Pleiades star cluster that make the Pleiadian confederation.

They believe in beauty and harmony and their lifestyle reflects this. They surround themselves with liquid light:

They surround themselves with beautiful art:

And music:

They live in crystal cities that shine like tiny quartz crystals among greenery of nature:

Many of these cities are like crystal places underground and below oceans on planets in the Pleiades star cluster.

They do not need much sleep and sustain their physical bodies with a special elixir:

They understand the secrets of immortality, but rarely choose to keep the same physical body for more than 1000 years.

They are very positive, joyful and sensual.

Erotic love is one of the most important aspects of their lives and they know how to heal with that energy:

The Pleiadians have been contacting the surface population for millennia:

In order to break the Quarantine status of this planet, they have contacted the Vril girls (die Vrilerinnen) to start the German secret space program:

After the dark forces have hijacked the German secret space program, the Pleiadians have rescued the Vril girls from the surface of the planet in 1945 in a secret project codenamed “Niemand bleibt hier” (nobody stays here).

The Pleiadians have contacted president Eisenhower in 1954, trying to prevent a nuclear war:

The Pleiadians have contacted me in 1977, trying to prevent a nuclear war:

The Pleiadians did manage to prevent a nuclear war, but were not able to prevent the Archon invasion in 1996:

The Archons were even able to invade the Pleiadian star cluster briefly between 1996 and 1999:

After the Pleiades star cluster was liberated in 1999 and the majority of Pleiadian hostages were liberated from military underground bases on Earth, the Pleiadians have contacted me in late 2001 and given me instructions to construct Tachyon healing chambers:

They were, however, not able to prevent the murder of my soulmate.

It is therefore beyond my understanding how certain people actually believe that this blog is some kind of elaborate scam and that I am manipulating people. These people have serious trust issues and would benefit from a therapy. Also, people posting banana or donkey comments on this blog will be forever banned from posting anything again. And if you do not know what a banana or a donkey comment is, think twice before posting and predict the consequences.

This is not a joke, this is a serious war in which I have given to a noble cause far more than most people have, and I have lost far more than most people have. Therefore I deserve respect.

The surface of this planet has far more darkness than me, the Resistance or the Pleiadians have ever expected. Clearing of this complex situation unavoidably creates delays. I do not like them. You do not like them. Nobody likes them. So stop being a beta, stop whining and complaining and DO something to make the surface of the planet more bearable. You can not afford private property to become part of the Contact Dish project, because “only the Cabal can afford to own property”?

Here is land for sale under $500 that is suitable for Contact Dish project which I found spending 20 seconds on google:

Someone has made a brilliant comment and put Contact Dish project very nicely in the context of the Event:
“So the key is to think about it in a multidimensional way… there is no one linear step by step path to the Event. There are many different timelines shifting in probability and alternate ways it can happen. By disclosing these projects they are co-created in the field created by the RM and all of us. This timeline stabilization then raises the overall vibration and quantum field which then supports all positive timelines. Including the one where the Event happens. “

What to expect now? I can promise you blood, sweat and tears:,_toil,_tears,_and_sweat

And then, I can promise you Victory of the Light.

When? Nobody knows. The Event will NOT happen until the vast majority of plasma toplet bombs are removed.
Until then, you are very welcome to join us in Budapest, Hungary on April 14th and 15th on the first Ascension conference in 2018:

Or you can join us in Taipei, Taiwan for the second conference on May 12th and 13th:

Victory of the Light!

This article (The Portal: Pleiadians) was originally published on The Portal and syndicated by The Event Chronicle



  1. “Most of the surface population is so enmeshed in the dysfunctional state of affairs on this planet that it is difficult for them to believe that beings that are full of Love and Light without an agenda really exist.”

    A good number of us have experienced betrayal at the hands of a family member in various ways and as children being forced into circumstances against our will. Then we get screwed over in the authoritative school system and raised under fear of punishment and ‘tiger parents’ so they can have their ego telling other parents how great their kids were doing.
    Meanwhile our entire childhood was spent measuring our worth against a bunch of letters on a report card. A number have committed suicide in the country I live in, I almost became a statistic myself. And that is just one minor part of this entire tangled web of the system’s massive assault on the humanity’s senses to keep them under control.

    “It is therefore beyond my understanding how certain people actually believe that this blog is some kind of elaborate scam and that I am manipulating people. These people have serious trust issues and would benefit from a therapy.”

    The reason is lack of hard evidence of what Cobra is posting on the blog (with the probable exception of the Pleiadian’s “Command PB Stardust” used by the Editor in a personal situation). This is a bad situation but there are those before Cobra who have gained the trust of the hopeful and then left them with the bill of goods.

    Like David Wilcock’s ‘Mass Arrest’ that has been going back as far as 2010, or Corey Goode’s attempt to monetize his experiences into a comic book. Fantastical claims and little hard evidence for a donate button. There are many more examples of charlatans who later turned out to be government spooks.

    “Also, people posting banana or donkey comments on this blog will be forever banned from posting anything again. And if you do not know what a banana or a donkey comment is, think twice before posting and predict the consequences.”

    The world doesn’t work like Cobra’s Tachyon chamber. It is messed up. Its gotten so deep that the ultimate divide and conquer between the sexes with feminism has led to men staying single and giving marriage and relationships a miss.

    The ‘Herbivore Men’ culture of Japan has now gone to the West and western oriented nations and is becoming rapidly popular in the last few years. The western world will soon experience the crashing population of Japan and the relevant consequences that this brings about. These might be the Omega Point for the human race, going out with a whimper instead of a bang.

    The result of the ‘Letters to the RM’ resulted in the RM ‘surprised’ at the level of suffering, indicating their poor level of awareness of the surface situation

    The RM’s intelligence assets are woefully ineffective that it took a bunch of letters from some members of the surface population to make them have some idea of what they are dealing with. Very troubling indicator given they may assume the role of ‘wise guardians’ for a broken half-conscious species according to the Galactic Codex.

    Now as to why I have deleted the Portal’s bookmark of my browser and decided I am done with this blog.

    I have posted before comments asking specific questions or specific doubts about some of the details, as I am not one of those meditative ‘New Age’ sensitive types and therefore I can’t ‘access’ information beyond reading or hearing about it.

    An example is a recent one concerning using radios with Short Wave and Medium Wave band frequencies to ‘detect’ any emissions of Galactic Federation activities. Basically radios I could buy off the shelf.

    I have checked back and none of my comments have showed up on the Portal’s blogspot blog. Either Google blogspot is doing something weird or I have been blocked for ‘banana comments’ by whatever Cobra’s definition is.

    My comments have shown up on other Google-blogspot based ones like ‘’ after the blogger’s owner moderated and let them through. So at least my comments are getting through on other blogspot based accounts.

    Sure there will always be the shit stirrers, and those who just slag without contributing anything of value in their comments should be banned.

    However when putting something out where there’s little concrete hard evidence, expect critical analysis if in the end your information wants to be taken seriously. This is the world we live in where charlatans have taken advantage of the ambiguity of this field and used it for their own ends.

    If Cobra can’t handle criticism that do ask the basic questions then he should close down his blog and forget the whole thing. The Flat Earth psyop should have been the final nail in the coffin on the ‘Awake movement’. People have chosen to be meat golems, even more so with the infighting in the alternative community. I wish him good luck with his ET friends.

    Also thanks to the Editor for posting this comment.

    • I can certainly understand your frustration, and I will always publish your comments. I’m thankful for you and always enjoy reading your insights. I wish more people would take the time to comment on our website and interact with each other. I thought your curiosity about the shortwave was interesting and I did some Googling on the topic myself because I own an antique shortwave radio that still works. My knowledge on the topic is very limited and unfortunately I was unable to find anything of value. I can’t say why Cobra didn’t publish your comment- if he did indeed see the comment (I’ve had people email me and ask why I didn’t publish comments I never saw), but perhaps you hit upon sensitive information? I can’t say for sure, but I think everyone is getting tired and frustrated waiting for something to happen.

      I recently had to take some time off for my own sanity and step away from all of the news and rumors. This website is no longer sustainable due to Facebook’s recent algorithm changes that caused our traffic to go down by 50%. I became incredibly angry and needed a break because I felt like “they” were winning. I’m not sure how I will proceed but have decided to keep posting for as long as I’m able. All I know is that if something doesn’t happen soon this website will cease to exist. I’m praying that doesn’t happen because I felt guided to begin this project and I would like to see it through to the end (beginning?). I’m not sure what has changed, but after much soul searching, I began to feel hopeful again this week. I honestly think we are getting quite close and hopefully we’ll all be able to hang on a little bit longer.

      • Stored Housewife on

        To the original commenter my thoughts exactly….so wonderfully well put…and I am still open to CG,DW,Cobras opinions etc etc but you hit the nail on the head….in many ways we here on the earth right now are more advanced than these legions of friendly ET/ED’s….we are fighting an enormous fight,are open to the suite of lies and manipulations about us,our cosmic place etc etc yet we carry on with little to no upgrades of any real use beyond personal solace….DNA that’s 80% useless….but this is our baseline…..and it shocks these Galactic types no end…..supposedley….

      • Thank you for your sincere reply. I am not exactly knowledgeable myself about radio and limited to what’s published on Wikipedia.

        I forgot to add in my last comment as a postscript that I will gladly eat crow if everything Cobra says turns out to be true. Maybe I did hit on something classified but other comments in the past have not shown up.

        In March 2017 a mass meditation was successful in the progress to the Event that its effects lasted 36 hours and I did feel some effects with better sleep and less tension for about 2 days ( corresponding the period of 36 hours). ( )

        So I know some of this stuff is real but then there’s this other ‘left field’ stuff that seem way too far out. I don’t know whether to completely dismiss as bunk or at my Soul level I am still playing with nursery level ABC cubes with comprehending this sort of thing.

        The radio idea was based on the stuff I learned from the blog, about the ‘good guys’ will contact through all media channels.

        With the good guys supposedly almost on top of us I should be able to pick up their ’emissions’ sooner or later. L1 (where the clearance is taking place now) is 788,000 km above our surface, just over 2x the distance to the Moon, located between Sun and Earth.

        I am still hunting for a radio that I can buy cheaply here that does Long Wave, my current one while great can only do up to Medium Wave of 530 Khz frequency.

        Long Wave radio travelling up to 17,000 km along the planet’s surface under good conditions have been recorded. Those type of radios available on Amazon are not cheap (a good one is over $200/- and currently my limited finances are on other more immediate priorities.

        Speaking of Facebook it seems that your websites’ images don’t load after closing that small FB pop-up asking the viewer to add friends on FB. Could be a scripting issue.

        In light of recent events regarding Facebook’s data misuse, it would be an opportune time to remove that pop up. The problem with unloaded images occurs on Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers.

        4chan calls that cesspit ‘Fecesbook’ for a reason.

        Praise Kek and Sobek, and maybe Victory to the Light?

        • To be honest, I never wanted to be on Facebook to begin with but unfortunately the masses prefer to get their news and information via the platform. The majority of our traffic comes from Facebook, but not anymore. I removed the Facebook plugin pop-up. Thanks for your feedback. Please keep me posted if you decide to investigate the radio situation further. I’m curious to know what you may find.

          • Additionally, I find it odd that your comments aren’t being published elsewhere because I think your comments are always fair, balanced, and well thought out.

      • As an addendum The Event Chronicle can try to go on, or the Russian version of Facebook called ‘VK’ and other new platforms that come up as alternatives to the current agenda driven purges of alt-media on mainstream social media platforms.

        The radio idea is also a nice side hobby/experiment for those of us like myself who while are technical and left-brained and deeply skeptical of Cobra’s information still see this as a way to contribute to this movement from a more grounded method, sort of like SETI’s attempt to find ETs.

        Which also raises the question as to why SETI hasn’t raised any significant signals if the Galactic Federation is supposedly so close to Earth and is crunching its data using distributed computing from thousands of people around the world. SETI draws its raw data from Puerto Rico’s Aricebo Telescope.

        The radio experiment by being more grounded is probably better than getting deeply emotionally invested with high expectations into a promise based on little hard evidence that might not turn out the way we would like it to be. If nothing comes out of the radio experiment at least its an easier face-saving measure to say that no data was obtained. Its also easier to get ordinary people on board.

        Basically anyone who has a radio that has AM frequencies from Shortwave all the way to Long Wave can participate in this experiment and tune to the lowest frequencies possible with the longest radio wave reach to detect any emissions from Galactic Federation of Light activities.

      • My reply to your latest reply here due to the thread formatting getting narrower:

        “To be honest, I never wanted to be on Facebook to begin with but unfortunately the masses prefer to get their news and information via the platform….I removed the Facebook plugin pop-up. Thanks for your feedback.”

        – Images still doesn’t seem to load on the page unless I click on them directly and they come up in a new tab. Some videos load but overall the situation with the images is about the same. This looks like a WordPress issue (the website’s platform). You can ask WordPress support, if you can afford it.

        “Please keep me posted if you decide to investigate the radio situation further. I’m curious to know what you may find.”

        -No problem. Will see if I can get one of those LW radios once other stuff like a new computer are sorted out.

        “Additionally, I find it odd that your comments aren’t being published elsewhere…”

        If I did get banned the most likely reason is that Cobra has, based on the vibes I get from reading his posts he’s rather disconnected from the situation on the ground with most people, (like the Resistance Movement’s apparent ‘surprise’ at the level of human suffering), and is unable to take it when someone tries to impart him with a dose of reality.

        Or all this could be a problem with blogspot unique to Portal preventing my posts from showing up. Given blogspot is under Google (which we know how much they are aligned to the Cabal), and given the amount of attacks leading to the tragic death of Cobra’s girlfriend this cannot be ruled out, and has nothing to do with him. Blogspot’s comment system is very archaic and has issues of its own. In this case there’s nothing more to be done.

        Another new social media I can recommend that’s getting popular is ‘Discord’ and has more advanced features as a combined forum and chat box. That would be a great way to get Event people together.

        • I was hoping I’d get a chance to reply to you today, but now I need to go tend to some errands. I’ll check out the link you sent (I want to have a look before I publish) and get back to you tomorrow morning. Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it!

      • Dear Editor, Please don’t give up just yet. Personally, I keep hoping this is the dark before the dawn. I’m a recent founder of this website and look forward each time there is a posting on my email. I absolutely avoid FB and manage just fine. Perhaps, our frustrated energy will provide the motivation needed to bring in the Event. Am I wrong but don’t we also need for Earth to pass through the photon energy belt? And how is that tracked? As I said above I need the type of info you have been providing. Deepest thanks to you.

      • This will be my 2nd attempt to post as the first didn’t. Just wanted to say that the latest CG/DW interview should be read and mentioned. CG has info. about the solar flash or Event timing that is relevant. “Arrival of the New Guardians “