The Event Chronicle Editor’s Note: Please stop what you are doing right now and watch this video! If you are at work, or unable to do so right now, I would urge you to clear an hour from your schedule this evening to watch this video in its entirety. It is vitally important!

Hi!! Thank you for watching this video. Things are definitely ramping up in the 3D and beyond. Several clients were transported to the Event and experienced it first hand. Very cool information. Hope you enjoy and this helps someone in some way. As always, please use your own discernment when listening to timelines and other information provided in my videos. “Thank You!!” to all of my wonderful clients, and to the listeners of this video. We need you! Thank you for holding the light.

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  • Just as the beautiful spokesperson says, “we should use discernment” when this type of information is presented to us. So here goes. In the video we are told “after the wave we will all be able to manifest abundance”. The example of manifesting a warm bath is given. Also, during the video we are told about the currency reset and the breakdown of existing systems. So my question is, if a warm bath and abundance can be manifested, then why would money or currency be needed? Or put another way, if every person can manifest money (or a warm bath) then money would have no value (think massive inflation). Now I don’t want to sound too negative here, but critical thinking combined with intuition is what is really meant by the word discernment. I am not used to watching YouTube videos of beautiful people, so that was quite pleasant, but while the majority of the information is fascinating some of it just doesn’t make sense to me. Here’s another one: There are roughly 8 Billion people on the planet. now regardless of the over population myth, if you took all those 8 billion people, they would all just fit inside the Grand Canyon. So in order to have ships waiting in the atmosphere for people to shelter on during the energy wave, the ships would need to be almost as large as the Grand Canyon – or much larger – to avoid people being packed on top of each other. Also, how would the people get up to the ships? We are warned in the Bible about the great deception which is probably the entire fake ET/Alien narrative. Research for yourself how ETs flee when abductees call on the name of Jesus and are instantly put back in their beds. This is because ET/Aliens are demons folks. So do you want to go to a demon ship (somehow someway) or stay here on earth? When you die, my view is that you will be in heaven for ever with God forever or you will be in hell. Avoid the demons people they are real. Oh, and IF you suddenly find you can manifest a warm bath, go ahead and manifest money, a few Ferraris, a new house, and a swimming pool full of money while your at it. We are here alone folks to fend for ourselves and live descent lives so we can ‘ascend’ to heaven rather than some spaceship. I’ll come back here in March and make a comment about the wave and what it was like if I’m wrong.

  • Allison Coe is quite amazing!

    Am listening to today’s Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes, who has similar report, his concerning two energy waves coming up “very shortly”:

    From 5:55 to 7:46:

    “We are expecting two forms of energy waves to hit the planet very shortly. The first one will be an electromagnetic wave, and the information I’m getting is the disruption should be less than what was feared. There may be some knocking out of cell phones, maybe landlines affected, but generally speaking it shouldn’t be the catastrophe that it was thought to be about a month ago. Right on the back of this electromagnetic wave, is a burst of energy coming from Galactic Center, coming from Source, which will help to elevate the planet and all humans…[I]n the past we’ve had waves of energy that have come over many hours, and that was important because it allowed the human body to develop and catch up. It wasn’t too much of a shock to the system. What I’m being told is that this wave of energy will be a short shock. Beneficial but many of us are going to feel as if we’ve been hit by a bulldozer. Feeling very tired, a bit stressed, feel like you’ve been up Mount Everest and back. So that’s to be expected. So be prepared for that. Negative people will become incredibly confused. People who are living in a very dense, thick, heavy energy are not going to be able to transmute this. And so that’s going to cause I think some issues on the planet. But this is beneficial and it’s happening. The electromagnetic wave has to come first. That should do something to AI.” If we can think back a number of years, when the Hubble telescope went up, they had an awful lot of photos to process.”

  • This is fantastic info. for those who are on this path! I do feel Event is very close. I have been getting the synchronicities for a couple weeks. Get ready. Yea! And thank you Alison!!

  • Sadly, we have heard “soon” from Sheldon Nidle and others for decades. I would love to belive this, escpecially it been this march. But which March will it be? 2018, 2230?

    “Time” will tell i suppose. But hey, do any of us have enough enough time left in this existence?

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