February 22, 2019

The Grand Conspiracy: The Bush Family Nazi Crime Syndicate (Free PDF Book)

George Bush is Nazi George Scherff
1938 Photogrph
1938 Photograph

Note: I know many of you have heard of Nazi SS Officer Otto Skorzeny’s deathbed confession regarding the George Schreff/George H.W. Bush connection, as well as his involvement with Nikola Tesla. I have read a lot of information about this subject, but found many new and interesting details in the The Veil of Invisibility by Alexander Putney. If you have not yet heard about this — you’re in for a surprise.

The Veil of Invisibility is well worth the read and I was surprised to be presented with a lot of information I had not heard before. This one should be required reading. Please don’t skip this one and try to find some time to read it.  — Editor

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US Nazi Connection

Rob Potter writes: …This book “The Veil of Invisibility” by Alexander Putney was posted on the Internet for free and I am making this document a permanent part of my website. Mr. Putney has done us all an important service through this book. Please, please do take the time to down load this book and READ IT!

The evidence presented in “The Veil of Invisibility reveals one of the main aspects of what I call “The Grand Conspiracy” and this book is fundamental to understanding what is wrong with not only America but also our world today. Nazi spies have infiltrated the USA and our country has been heavily influenced by a secret Crime Syndicate led by history’s most successful spy of all time Nazi George Bush Sr. He was a Hitler youth and came to America with his father who was also a spy whose first job was to keep an eye on Nikola Tesla and to steal his technology.

The ramifications of this revelation are wide and deep. There are many other involved in our Washington infrastructure whose influence carries on from one administration to the next. These criminals have maintained positions of influence in major roles being appointed to various positions again and again whether they be Republican or Democrat.

There are similar Oligarchy’s of criminals in almost all of the worlds political systems and even in the administrations of some of the worlds religious institutions. Though they may not call themselves Nazi’s there willingness to sacrifice others for their own gain is a theme that is repeated often.

This book is exactly true and explains many things including the secret underground bunkers of the NWO as well as the Secret Space Program. The pictures and evidence is undeniable except for those who will see the handwriting on the wall and call it a forgery. Ponder this book and look at what has been going on in USA since 1945!

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Otto Skorzeny

Republished with permission from The Promise Revealed

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