Guided Meditation for World Peace and Healing of Mother Earth

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Beautiful co-creators…. This guided meditation was created to be used for both the Praying for World Peace AND for the Healing of Mother Earth. It was created to assist humanity in moving forward in all that humanity has been asking for…….FOR BEST EFFECT WITH TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS – USE HEADPHONES

It is being released on the Winter Solstice, but would be appropriate any time — and much appreciated by Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Frog spirit joins in at the beginning, reminding us that we are not alone on this transformational journey.

This meditation, and all meditations that I personally lead are based off of the meditations that I practice daily from Solara Anra, receiving from the Pleiadians, and “arrived” deep seated in the Teachings of Abraham, The Law of Attraction, and my own innate love for humanity. Dianna Watson – known to many as White Eagle Woman – along with her powerful Tibetan Singing Bowls, and myself, have created this guided meditation video, which is the meditation done in the Summerhill pyramid on the eve of the Solstice… as well as around the Sacred Fire in the Kekuli during the day.

Come and embark on this journey together…….

During this meditation, when we set forth this intention: I CALL LIGHT TO MYSELF NOW — A column of bright white light pours down from infinite space above – straight down thru your energy field –your aura, and every cell in your body– INSTANTLY raising your vibration ….. We will also ground ourselves into the heart of Gaia, our Great Mother Earth…. Experience the overwhelming quality of unconditional love…. And spread this love to the nations…. Imagining a massive circle of people holding hands — circling the entire globe — feeling ourselves AS ONE with ALL human beings that make up the tribe of planet Earth. We will experience deep gratitude and appreciation at this time for the opportunity to be alive — and this appreciation awakens in us a deep desire for ALL life to thrive. This awakened and heightened desire causes us to look for and find solutions — which we embody. We make our decisions based on the good of all — embracing each moment of choice. We are awakened to the understanding that we are co-creators…. with each other, with the angels, co-creating with ALL of the Godforce that IS the source of pure positive energy where all of our heart desires are held — and waiting – waiting as we raise our own vibrations to match this higher vibrational place — allowing all that we are asking for — including Peace on Earth — to manifest…. to become the reality we are seeking….to become the reality we are living. We send this unconditional love and healing light out to the nations and plant and animal kingdoms. We feel the matrix of love that connects ALL life on our planet……. We ask to remember the feeling of this love in our everyday moments — thus carrying this higher vibration of love…. We ARE the expressions of LOVE itself.

We may choose to keep this connection of love, the connection which binds us with each other and all living things on this beautiful blue / green planet that is our home…. This connection that binds us in love and causes us to recognize that WE ARE ALL ONE.

Namaste, Athena

I hope to see you on facebook and do some co-creating together! Susan Athena Kerek Seel

I am looking forward to all that is unfolding at this most exciting time of Awakening!

And glad that you found yourself here!! Enjoy your meditation.

Source: Susan Athena

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