February 19, 2019

The Event Chronicle Editor’s Note: This is a lengthy article from Neon Revolt that I encourage everyone to read in its entirety. A Hollywood insider, who’s going by the handle Renegade, has been dropping explosive information about Hollywood on the Chans over the past couple of days.

I should also note that I personally think the image of Sarah Silverman has been Photoshopped. I am an “Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert“, and to me, the hand with the phone looks like it was added to the photo of Silverman’s face. I haven’t yet had the time to analyze the image completely, but to me it looks like a combined image of two or more images (I think the image on the phone was added to the hand, and the image of the hand was added to the image of Silverman).

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How Hollywood Insiders Are Taking Down The Cabal from the Inside-Out

By Neon Revolt

You see this image?

As far as anyone can tell, this image is genuine.

And it looks a whole like like  “Comedienne” Sarah Silverman issuing a “Stand Down” order to the chans.

Yes, you read that right: “the” Sarah Silverman who at one time not only dated Jimmy Kimmel, but once said:

“I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d do it again. I’d f*cking do it again, I don’t care.” – Sarah Silverman

And now, here she was, trying to get the chans to “stand the f*** down.”

As far as Anons could tell, the only editing used on the photo was, ironically, to mask some wrinkles (because you’ve got to maintain that illusion of perpetual… well, I hesitate to say “beauty” but we’ll run with “youth” for the time being). The image on the phone was, evidently, not photoshopped, nor was this simply a case of someone slapping a hand holding a phone over Sarah Silverman’s dimly-lit face.

No, this was Sarah legitimately thinking she could intimidate the “Internet Hate Machine” by taking a selfie with some text on it.

It went over about as well as you would expect.

Here’s a sampling of Anon’s responses:

And how can you not love the attitude:

But why?

Why would Sarah want to embark on such a foolish course of action, and think she could hold sway over the vast army of #Anons who are out there, every day, doing God’s work and exposing the cancerous rot in the heart of the nation?

Well, let’s back up and set the stage a bit.

A little under a week ago, someone who the Anons would eventually dub #BlackListAnon came online and started dropping breadcrumbs. This, in all honesty, deserves a full article in and of itself, and while I won’t be focusing on that today, the main gist of those drops was that #TheCabal has traceable economic and political ties to Hollywood, and uses a particular mechanisms to promote and protect insiders; insiders like Graham Moore (son of Michelle Obama’s former Chief of Staff Susan Sher) who wrote the Imitation Game and eventually won the Oscar for it, and Noah Oppenheim, who wrote Jackie and who, as President of NBC news, spiked the Harvey Weinstein story well in advance of it eventually appearing in the New York times.

And again, while this really deserves a whole article, one post from BlackListAnon in particular stands out:

And it’s true. After BlackListAnon started dropping on Noah Oppenheim, NBC turned on the propaganda machine against #QAnon:

So the heat was turning up in Hollywood, and as all this was unfolding, Anons were simultaneously digging into the social media history of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. What they discovered was a TON of disturbing pedophile-related messaging, just sitting out-in-the-open for years. I covered that story here…

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