February 19, 2019

OWoN Exclusive: Post Release of the PPs – What Now is Possible?

Post Release of the PPs - What Now is Possible?

(One World of Nations) As with all real World issues, it will need many months first to solidly structure the new funds via Trusts and Foundations, then to get them into sound Bank Investment Programs, using ONLY the profits generated to fund projects. Using any of the Capital now prematurely released for Projects will decimate the entire strategy and have enormous knock on consequences for so many other ventures. It would be a very bad move. We need to feed Need, not Greed. Projects can come and go, but the Capital needs to be protected forever.

Ego can so easily overtake prudent and rational thought. Our ethos is to first create the cake, then we can allocate a slice where approved. There will always be more hands out than capital available. Also, we are facing very unstable markets and huge Geo Political risks to evaluateThese are dark and dangerous times. The world is dividing clearly now between East and Western Hemispheres.

America is still entrapped by a Zionist IsraeHell stranglehold, coercing it into unsustainable wars across the Middle East, and escalating pressures upon Iran who simply will not be subdued by clear Zionist and Cabal regional domination strategies. Iran will be ruled by the Aryan Iranians, not by manipulative Kazakh mind games, or the Hegemony of the Cabal and their Oil cartel flying Mattresses with their whores in tow. All this denudes the US of focus and opportunities. China and Asia grow and prosper. Only America’s Military Idustrial Cabal prospers with its dirty Drug Running Agencies, and the Zionist racketeering, thieving Bankers.

For emerging nations, these are indeed times of great opportunities each day. So where is the focus and Leadership? Who directs it and why has the nation so badly misaligned? Why has America allowed itself to become a vast nuclear arms supplier to Israel? Is this UN approved? If a clearly and vicious Rogue State like IsraeHell can be armed with WMD, why not Iran? Who in their right minds could ever approve a plan to give a nuclear tinderbox to the vile Kazakhs?

Look at their inhumane treatment of the Palestinians. Expect no responsible WMD ethos with these Dogs of War. But what happens when the Islamic States do educate and develop? They will! Then the combined Islamic republics will unleash a collective retaliation against these Zionist aggressors of such magnitude as will end their illegal and predatory occupancy for all time.

A confrontation will come and IsraeHell will find it has unleashed its own holocaust. Fundamentalist Islamic diehards will show them no mercy. It did not have to be that way. Jews and Arabs co-exist and have. This is Zionism. All the cold, dead neurotic vitriol of the Atheist who created it. People are so gullible. Zionism was conceived by a man who did not accept or believe in any God. Hello?

Monetary markets are evolving and the balance of power is changing. If America is, in fact to lose its Global Sovereign authority, the Geo Political impact of Sovereign mass transition, will be finite. With no way back. America has a limited time window to be a part of an emerging new power block, or be confined to history. America’s ‘Achilles Heel’, is its propensity to act with disregard for either Culture or the consequences then engendered. When you lack such at home, how can you understand the finesse needed on a complex global stage? Especially one as volatile as now. Empires end – nations evolve or falter and fail, as patterns of history show. The new America has long since left the rails of the visions of the Founding Fathers. Sadly so. Half a century of the corrupting influence and malevolence of the Bushes and Zionist chicanery, sheltered within the Cabal, has engendered the growth of a cancerous criminal virus, which has contaminated the entire infrastructure of Government and Finance. America today has become institutionally unfit for purpose. Its entire body political system is rotten to the core. Led by an Illegal, controlled by the Cabal, coerced by a Zionist Banking system of total chicanery, and manipulated by Israel.

Can you wonder why Russia leaves the Zoo?

All Empires end – usually badly. Will America fail under the oversight of its Illegal President? Can no one remove this witless Charlatan? The entire body politic of the US is now unfit for purpose. Half run by an unelected Military Industrial Cabal, and mass manipulated by a Zionist Banking Elite who own the Zoo. And with it – You?

Time for the species to evolve. Shake off the free riding Zionist Ticks. Revolution from conscious evolution. Time to say No – and their time soon to go! America faces disintegration, like America’s failed Leadership. The clock runs down. Half the world is now walking away…

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