QHHT Sessions: The Event, Part 4 from Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head

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For more information regarding these recordings, see The Event Parts 1 — 3.

On Friday, March 22nd Ron posted on his blog, Oracles and Healers that The Event Part 4 would be forthcoming. I’ve been obsessively checking the Speaking with Self website since then (haha), and here it is!! If you are new to QHHT, please see the prior post for more background before listening to this recording.

You can download Session 19 for free, directly from Speaking with Self. I noticed that Part 1 of Session 19 is 16:10 minutes, and Part 2 of Session 19 is also 16:10 minutes. The following YouTube video is only 18:39 minutes, so you may want to download the full recordings to hear the full session.

The Event, Part 4: Cause and Effect

Watch on YouTube

Thank you, Suzanne and Ron!

Source: Speaking with Self

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  1. Kai VWestling on

    Thank you
    Wonderful input!
    Just a question-How do you spell the authors name Paul? Selleck? We cant find him.
    Kai vw

    • The Event 2014 on

      Hi Kai, It’s spelled Paul Selig. You can find his three books at http://www.paulselig.com/books/ I have only come across his name in passing and wasn’t aware of his books. After listening to the these recordings last night, I immediately bought I Am the World and I’m pretty excited about it! I can’t wait to start reading it tonight. I found his books in the iTunes bookstore, too.