Strange Lights over Kazakhstan, and the Symbolic City of Astana

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By Adam Goldberg

Recently, a user on Reddit pointed out some very strange lights visible over the quiet, Caucasus Region country of Kazakhstan.

It was quickly pointed out that these strange lights are most likely from oil fields in the region, but on that Reddit thread, the observation turned into a lively discussion about much more interesting, strange things about the nation.

Why is it that most people don’t know anything about the “stan” countries, like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, ect?

It’s because this region of the world is one that the powers that be don’t want attention drawn to, probably on either side of the geopolitical divide when it comes to the US or Russia. Entire books have been written by powerful people, about how important this region is on the “geopolitical chessboard.”

Same as with the reasons why Afghanistan and Persia have been historically impossible to conquer due to the wide range of mountains, this region is known to be the place where Western and Eastern power meet, and sometimes clash.

A few years ago, articles were published about Illuminati-type symbolism in a Kazakhstan city.

This country is actually the ninth largest nation on the planet, but its population is a mere 17 million, less than even some cities alone. If people think the Earth is overpopulated, they need to go look at the vast, barren nothingness they will find in Central Eurasia.

This is from the city of Astana, Kazakhstan, the new capital known as one of the youngest major cities in the world. The city is laden with Masonic symbols, pointed out in many, many cities around the planet because the elite who run this world seem to care about this type of thing very much.

All roads lead back to Rome as they say when it comes to decoding this symbolism, but if you look closer, all roads lead to Phoenicia.

In 1990, Kazakhstan left the Soviet Union, and since then they have become willing to be a member of the West. The fact that this type of symbolism needs to be introduced into the place now, and it wasn’t present before, really highlights the differences between Western and Eastern power. Maybe the Russians really don’t believe in all this occult sh*t that we can deduce the Western elite do, and seem to have been into for thousands of years.

Guess what happened the year after they stopped being allied with the Soviet Union? Oil was found in the Caspian region of the country. I guess they need some “freedom.”

The city, the new capital of Astana was rapidly built after the West got their influence into the country, and it transformed what was formerly the small town of Ak Mola into this strange metropolis. A British “Sir” Norman Foster helped design the architecture.

A skeptical, not even conspiratorial leaning website called Atlas Obscura admitted that the layout of this area in Astana looks exactly like a Masonic Temple. According to their article:

“Astana’s city center is as ripe with apparent symbolism as anything you’ll see. A paved promenade runs down the central Nurzhol Bulevard, from the otherworldly Khan Shatyr shopping center in the west, to the presidential palace in the east. The palace — named “Ak Orda” — is the official seat of Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev, and stands flanked on either side by towering golden pillars.”

To make it even more occult, there’s a pyramid structure with an eye in it in this new city.

It’s the “Palace of Peace and Recognition,” situated across from the Ak Orda Palace on the edge of the city center and other side of the river.

It’s a meeting place for the Kazakh congress: the politicians who are now allied with the West that loves this type of symbolism meet in a large pyramid now, even equipped with an observation deck (eye in the pyramid), which provides what they call a full 360 degree view of the city.

What is the deal with all this symbolism? Research “knights templar Phoenicia” and you might find some answers. Out of my own personal interest, I’ve been reading this on the topic and it’s an amazing read.

(Image credit: Reddit, Atlas Obscura)

This article (Strange Lights over Kazakhstan, and the Symbolic City of Astana) was originally published on Anonymous News and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Via Stillness in the Storm.




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