Why You Are Important to Disclosure

An Important Aspect of Disclosure is Understanding Our Own Active Participation

By Solaris Modalis

I think the best way to illustrate this theme is through examples of personal experiences.

Allow me to give an example: While I was at UFOCON (UFO conference), there was a gentleman with a booth who was analyzing whether people had markers of being contactees – having been taken to ships. This is a man who trained with a doctor who removed actual physical implants from human beings; the doctor who has passed on testified at the Citizen’s Hearings on Disclosure.

In the booth was technology with which he looked over someone’s skin with certain frequencies of lights and was able to reveal markings that showed, in his view, that someone had had a contact experience. I saw the tattoos he showed me on himself and it was quite remarkable. I could feel the interdimensional beings peeking in on the activity in the booth, also.

I chatted with a couple of people who had gone to the booth and who had had markings revealed on their skin using these lights.  What was interesting was their response to having been told they had had ship visits that they do not remember.

What I said was, ‘You can take actions and set your personal energy parameters to stop this’.  And then I realized and I sensed, that these people were proud of participating in what was going on between themselves and the ‘aliens’, whoever they are. They did not want to hear about how to stop it, lol.

What I am saying is that even after having confirmation of what they may have guessed, they are (potentially) willing participants. What this means to me, is that they are at some level working together with those extraterrestrials in the UFOs who are ‘abducting’ them.

This is not to deny that some individuals have bad experiences also.  I am aware of this as well.

But for me these cases are much more complex at the human level. I do work with those who come to me and have had these experiences.  They are private and I won’t go into detail.

But to give you a general idea the primary focus of more than one experiencer I spoke with was the following:  Was there love, there?

Speaking with another person about their reptilian experience, the theme was repeated. It was the theme of finding love across the boundaries of ET species. It was the theme of human and extraterrestrial interaction on a very personal level.

Acknowledging the Personal Aspects of Disclosure

In a way, I am glad that there are not ‘official statements’ from the elected American government of UFO activity and extraterrestrials.

Until we are at a point where we can acknowledge that humanity and extraterrestrial activity has been interlinked in personal relationships, in combinations of histories of past lifetimes, in personal experiences of fear but also of love, then I believe that we do a disservice to the topic of disclosure, itself.

What is disclosure for, if it only to satisfy intellectual curiosity?

There is a greater story of human – extraterrestrial interaction that bears acknowledgement in such activity. I sense that there are also Star Trek-type stories involving human beings from Earth that will be shown to be absolutely true.

What Is the Context of Disclosure That We Are Expecting?

Are we to have disclosure that denies that extraterrestrials have ever visited or are influencing our planet? Are we to have disclosure that denies Earth human involvement in recovering craft that have been visiting this planet for untold time?

Will we have disclosure that acknowledges galactic support of humanity? Will we have disclosure that acknowledges that UFOs have shut down nuclear activities?

Disclosure Versus Confirmation

Will the official story be one of heroic tales, or will disclosure just be simple data transfer of logged flights and visuals?

This is the difference between disclosure and the newly tossed about idea of simply receiving ‘confirmation‘.

Disclosure could change the human view of our own history. In my view, confirmation is a trickier territory that leaves open large gray spaces open to varying interpretation… and manipulation.

Disclosure and ‘the Rules’

I suggest that each of us who cares, start imagining what true disclosure would entail.  I suggest that if you care about what is going to be said, the way it will be said, and the stories that will be told, that you begin to dream of what is possible in the telling.

Why? Because there are rules of interaction between human beings and the non-human beings and dark forces who still have control on Earth.

An aspect of ‘the Rules’ is that humanity must agree with what is being done. This is because one of the divine principles at work on Earth is the law of free will. Divine principles must be honored by all parties – those of ‘the light’ and those of ‘the dark’.

I have written in greater detail about the spiritual principles behind these ‘Rules’ and why they apply to human interaction with both extraterrestrials and the dark forces who inhabit some ETs and some human beings. This article is here: Taking Back Our Planet and Our Lives Using a Spiritual Strategy.

The important aspect of the law of free will is that if enough of us disagree with the interpretation of disclosure being ‘tested’, that it will not take hold.

And if enough of us have a strong view of how we wish disclosure to unfold in our hearts, then this is what will unfold. It is the heart centered aspect of creating our imaginings that gives them substance and the power to prevail.

Why You Are Important to Disclosure

Creations of the heart have the backing of our pure essence, or our Soul. And the wishes of an aware Soul incarnate in a human body are honored and are primary. This is the best way I can explain this in the moment. See if it resonates with you.

The number of people doing the imagining is not so much as important as the Soul powered imaginings of many. There is a quality of light substance that gets created in these imaginings.

The quality of light substance created from pure thought does not hold a candle to the quality of light substance influencing creation from Soul powered imaginings through the human heart.

These techniques are understood by the dark forces influencing both human beings and extraterrestrials. These types have no issue with taking actions through advertising, manipulation, and so on, to attempt to bend the wishes of humanity towards their version of reality… and this is within the Rules.

This is because leading humanity to make a choice or to agree with particular activities or actions is allowed. Whether the choice is conscious or unconscious does not matter.  However, once that choice is made, abridging it is not within the Rules. That doesn’t mean we won’t be tested to see if we really do choose a particular option.

It is the human beings and extraterrestrials of the light who have the harder time with the Rules.

This is because extraterrestrials of the light respect the law of free will and will only interact with permission, without overtly attempting to influence human choice and opinion. In these cases, we have to ask, or to make clear and conscious statements, to let our choices be known.

And human beings ‘of the light’, or who choose a path of expanding consciousness and awareness, have to go through a challenging process of awakening their memories and their knowing of who they really are.

Love, Solaris

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