February 16, 2019

By Dave Hodges

A disturbing trend is occuring across America in recent days. Despite numerous examples of unreported, or under-reported terror events, the events keep on coming.

Consider what the Washington Post wrote about on October 6th:

“Federal authorities revealed Friday they had arrested and charged three men in connection with a 2016 plot to carry out bombings and shootings in crowded areas of New York City, then kept the court case under seal for more than a year as investigators worked.

The alleged scheme was more nefarious than many: The group, which wanted to attack Times Square and the New York City subway system, claimed to have been in touch with an Islamic State affiliate to obtain the official sanction of the terrorist group, prosecutors said.

One of them, a U.S. citizen living in Pakistan, traveled in that country to meet with explosives experts and another purchased bombmaking materials and secured a cabin within driving distance of New York City, the prosecutors said.

By that time, though, the group was unknowingly communicating with an undercover FBI agent, who was posing as an Islamic State supporter, authorities said….”

On October 7th, the media went back to sleep.

The Northwest Wildfires

nw fires

When one needs a distraction from the failed official narrative in Vegas and at the same time, drive a stake through the heart of the Jefferson statehood movement, a 100 mile wildfire will fit the bill quite clearly. However, as recent history is demonstrating, there will be huge gaps in the reporting and truth will be the first casualty in the reporting of this terror event.

Speaking of casualties, and in this instance, the national media has had great difficulty in reporting the actual casualty counts. Agenda 21 Radio’s, Paul Preston, is reporting that nearly 300 have people have died and approximately another 300 are still missing. It would appearthat CNN and ABC need to take off both shoes in order to maintain an accurate accounting of the dead and missingas the mainstream media is reporting a death toll of 40 with no mention of the missing.

And as long as we are looking for terror events to not tell the truth in any way, shape or form, we have to look no further than the October 1st, false-flag event in which the official narrative has been blown out of the water. Yet, the authorities are still clinging to the (3rd) official version of this fictional narrative. Meanwhile, the outspoken witnesses are ending up dead and missing.

Now there is a new terror event in which the truth is the first casualty.

The Unreported Terrorist Event at a Civil War Re-Enactment

According to some who are responding to my realtime report on Youtube, in which I asserted that there was an attempted mass bombing attempt by Antifa directed at Confederate role players,  thatthis even never took place because they did not see it on CNN or ABC or NBC. I guess that if it does not appear there, it must not have happened. To all the very rude and obnoxious people who accused me of lying, Youtube saw fit to ban the accompanying video that I made immediately after State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski reported to me.

War Re-enactments are fun. They are instructive as we can see strategy and the weapons of that era be unveiled. State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, chose to attend with a friend and her boyfriend, who was playing a role on the Confederate side. The battle being re-enacted was the Cedar Creek Battle.

Interestingly, the sponsors of the event had received a threat from ANTIFA. The actors playing roles on the Confederate side would  blown up. This lead the event organizers to sign an indemnification agreement in which they and their estate would hold the organizers blameless should they be killed or wounded.
Here are some photos from the event.


According to Monika, the day unfolded nicely. The event was well underway, enthusiasm was high. The battle portion was coming to an end as sunset was approaching. At night, the attending girlfriends and wives, of the participants, who were attending would be invited down into the area of the tents for a night long party. However, just before this was to take place, a group from the audience noticed young men run into Confederate tents and drop “pipes” on the ground inside the Confederate tents.

Subsequently, people from the audience began to yell “get them” referring to the young men running from the scene. Pipe bombs were indeed found. A small child had wandered into one of the tents and picked one up as he wandered back out to the crowd. Later, it was revealed that the only reason that this particular pipe bomb did not detonate was because it was on a timer. This fact save that child’s life.

Quickly, law enforcement moved onto the scene and sequestered the crowd in this, according to some people, a non-event.

Then the emergency, first-responders began to arrive in great numbers to this non-event that did not happen because it was not reported on CNN.

Clearly, these first responders could have only been responding to a Union victory. Move along, there was nothing to see.

Monika said she witnessed the Washington Post try to gain admittance almost immediately after the event. Clearly, the were tipped off by their Antifa allies that they have heaped so much praise upon in the recent months.

It is clear that this event was not reported in the MSM because it did not produce the casualty events that it was designed to produce.


We clearly live in the matrix. The mainstream media is producing a totally orchestated reality. If you want to get in touch with the media, get rid of the mainstream media. Ban them from your life. There is no redeeming value any of their news agencies. Their writer should be on the sets of the next sci-fi movie. The CIA embeds operatives in every major outlet, what did you expect?

Despite the massive wave of censorship being directed at the Independent Media, this is the ONLY place you can get unfiltered news.

This article (Four Terror Events and Not One Shred of Truth from the MSM- Turn off the Globalist Controlled MSM) was originally published on The Common Sense Show and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Found via WEBSITE.

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