Here is the FULL 60 Minutes Interview Transcript with Mike Cernovich 

By Mike Cernovich

The 60 Minutes segment on fake news said some mean stuff about me and that’s OK. The segment was hard-but-fair. I can self-promote on my own and expect journalists to hit me hard when appropriate. (Watch the 60 Minutes segment here.)

Scott Pelley and I sparred for over 45 minutes. As the 60 Minutes episode was their highest rated since 2008 (when Barack and Michelle Obama appeared), the people have demanded to see the full interview.

Here is the transcript of my interview with Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes on fake news.

Scott Pelley: How would you describe what you do?

Mike Cernovich: I’m a lawyer, author, documenter, filmmaker, and journalist.

Scott Pelley: And how would you describe your website?

Mike Cernovich: Edgy, controversial content that goes against the dominant narrative.

Scott Pelley: What’s the dominant narrative?

Mike Cernovich: The dominant narrative is that there are good guys and there are bad guys. The good guys are liberals. Everybody on the right is a bad guy. Let’s find a way to make everybody look bad. Let’s tie marginal figures who have no actual influence to anybody we cannot overwrite. That’s the narrative.

Scott Pelley: That’s not a narrative I’m familiar with. Who’s narrative is that?

Mike Cernovich: Well, I guess, the question I always ask people is, why’s David Duke relevant? He’s not. But the media drags him out every time there’s a Republican runs for office because David Duke knows if he endorses a candidate, then people will say oh my god, you better disavow this guy. You better disavow. Why? Nobody has anything to do with that guy. He’s trash, right?

Whereas on the left, when you have people like Reverend Jeremiah White, a right rath-Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and other kind of fringe people. I don’t see them being dragged out and saying Bernie, you better disavow, Hillary, you better disavow this guy.

Scott Pelley: But my, my question is who’s narrative is that?

Mike Cernovich: Well, it’s largely cultural. There narrative would definitely be conventional mainstream media. Which is made up of certain people. 90% of journalist who donate to campaigns, gave to Hillary Clinton. There’s a left-leaning bias for sure. Which is not necessarily nefarious, but is the result of our own human limitations to view the world rationally. To filter things, our own confirmation bias, and through cultural norms.

Scott Pelley: And, uh, you describe the mainstream media as what? Who is that?

Mike Cernovich: The industry. 90% of media companies are owned by six corporations. Concentration media ownership. So the New York times would be. The New York Times, the Washington Post, they’re all writing the same kind of stories.

Scott Pelley: Describe to me your biggest story so far.

Mike Cernovich: Probably my hoax busting. I’ve always been very good at finding hoaxes that, again, are narratives. People say this happened. For example, the University of Virginia rape case. Complete and total hoax. Rolling Stone said fra-five people in a fraternity had raped this girl, thrown her on the table. She had glass all over her body. I busted that hoax.

I did a lot of reporting on, probably actually my most valuable work for me, and gratifying, is that I was at the Democratic National Convention. And I watched all these massive protests. Five, ten thousand people. Largely Bernie supporters. And I noticed there weren’t any mainstream outlets out there covering that.

And we talked earlier about narratives. Well, there are narratives. And I will give you a great example. I went to the RNC, I went to the DNC, to do a documentary phone link. The narrative at the RNC in the media was divisiveness. It’s divided. There’s three people who supported Ted Cruz that like Trump. Divided, divided, divided. That becomes the dominant narrative. Whether that is group-think or whatever, we don’t know.

Okay. The narrative at the DNC was they’re uniting around Hillary. They’re uniting around Hillary. Meanwhile, I march with the protesters from city hall and Philadelphia all the way to Franklin Della Roosevelt Park five, ten thousand people everywhere you looked, and I way well, wait a minute. I don’t se much unity here. I see a lot of people who are very upset with Hillary Clinton. They think the primary’s are rigged. They’re pro Bernie, they’re pro Jill Stein. And these people are not going to vote for Hillary. So I found that gratifying because even though I’m though of as a right-wing person, I was actually giving coverage and a voice to more liberal people.

Scott Pelley: Well, f-for the record, we covered the Bernie protests around the Democratic National Convention. A-are you a right-wing person?…

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