China Rapidly Moving Toward Reserve Currency! THESE 60+ Countries Sign Agreement


China claims gold reserves at end of 2016 a massive 12,100 tonnes
Challenging the Dollar: China and Russia’s Plan from Petroyuan to Gold
US Sanctions Backfire: China Opens Credit Line to Iran, Bypassing Dollar
Gold Trade Between Russia and China – A Step Closer Towards De-Dollarization?
China Readies Yuan-Priced Crude Oil Benchmark Backed By Gold
It Begins, China Pulls West Investment Dollars & Redirects It East
Lagarde Hints At IMF Being Based In China In Future
Close to a New Gold Standard? Australia Exports Record Amount Of Gold To China
Russia & China Declare All Out War on US Petrodollar — Prepare for Exclusive Trade in Gold
China’s Central Bank Has Begun Cautiously Testing a Digital Currency
China Launches Foundation for the Quantum Internet — “Surges Ahead of Other World Powers”
China in quantum breakthrough as ‘unhackable’ experimental satellite sends first message
Is China Intentionally Making It Harder To Manipulate Gold?
China Pledges $124 Billion for New Silk Road and Signs Deals With 68 States, Organizations During Forum
Jim Willie: Will China and Russia Take Down the US Petrodollar?

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