The Fed Just Hinted That The Stock Market And The Economy Might Be On Shaky Ground

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X22 Report — Episode 1247

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In this episode:

ADP employment surges to highest since 2014.

Services PMI and non-manufacturing ISM decline.

Texas signs bill that will allow gold and silver to be money.

The Fed hints that the stock market is a bubble and it going to have a major correction.

An economic historian is predicting that the central banks are going to crash the economy.

Be prepared we are now seeing the push to bring down the entire global economy.

The deep state is now creating events to distract the people from Obamagate.

Susan Rice was not investigator she was a staffer so there was no reason for her to unmask anyone.

Germans are worried about more refugees coming into their country.

The deep state is pushing the US into a war with NK.

The gas attack in Syria is being created to distract from Obamagate and the deep state will be pushing more events.

The IS has reported they have a hit list and it includes Trump, what they are talking about is the assination of 8000 people and Trump.

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