A Holistic Approach to Decentralization

On September 21, 2017, Derrick Broze spoke at the Nexus Earth Conference in Aspen, Colorado. Broze spoke about taking a holistic approach to decentralization. His focus is on moving beyond simply economics, but looking at the food production system, education system, and our personal relationships.

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  1. The holistic approach in fact is the answer, it is better to live unified with nature instead of living separate from nature as we do now. Anyone living in an apartment building or in any commercial center or in any big City, people living here, are more disconnected from nature than the average person living out in the open, or closer to nature.
    For the very concrete, many power lines, car fumes and electromagnetic-generators degenerate our energies in silence, not to mention the ongoing chem trails in the sky which further poison the air we breath, when will we have unfluoridated water to drink again? The Native Indians along with all the original native people of this Huge Continent from the very top of Alaska to the very tip end of South America namely Argentina.
    In all native tribes of Alaska, of Canada, in North America, Mexico, Central and South America – these innumerable tribes of peoples and cultures, took the holistic approached to life to spirit, to health, to environment, there was only one way to live. That is to say integrated to nature, our ancestors knew it to be a undeniable truth and as an absolute point of fact. We, Men and Woman who live in modernity have forgotten the holistic approach but this is not our fault as systematic assimilation is to blame. None the less we must go back to the holistic approach as a normal approach in our everyday lives and in our everyday activities.