Max Keiser Says “Bitcoin is going to $1,000,000,000,000 in the not too distant future”

Cartel better hurry up a futures market so they can carpet bomb 12,500 bitcoin contracts in 3 minutes like they did with gold this morning. Max thinks they will take a different approach, however, to put an end to the bitcoin buzz. Max offers a solution for the counter-attack.

Max Keiser talks all things crypto and government manipulation before switching gears and talking commodities and China.

The commodities markets have woken up lately, especially the base metals and and other mining intensive commodities, and Max’s guest, Dan Collins, covers the Chinese demand for commodities and the effects the demand has on price, both now and moving forward.

This article (Max Keiser Says “Bitcoin is going to $1,000,000,000,000 in the not too distant future”) was originally published on Silver Doctors and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


  1. Max Kieser has been pro-Bitcoin since the very beginning, when he appeared on Alex Jones some years back Alex jokingly suggested Max might be on Ritalin as he was promoting it like a hard salesman. His information will be biased heavily to being pro-Bitcoin.

    The problem with Bitcoin that the promoters and critics are radicals to being cult-like in their respective camps, so its hard to find a balanced review of this.

    Within the pro-Bitcoin camp there is a further divide between the likes of Tone Vays who want Bitcoin to go in a certain direction and Roger Ver (aka Bitcoin Jesus as he is very enthusiastic about the philosophical reasons why we need blockchain money, which all of us here would support, i.e. decentralizing and removing banks out of the loop, defunding the Cabal, avoiding tyrannical regulations, etc) who says the only way to make Bitcoin as reliable as your typical currency and therefore make its adaptability universal is to increase the blockchain size, which Tone Vays is against for his own reasons.

    To understand in greater detail, past interviews of Tone Vays and Roger Ver are on Rogue Money Radio’s Youtube channel.

    Problem is Tone Vay’s camp has been accused of actively censoring comments that are in the same league as Roger Ver’s. The result of the active forum censhorship has been a recent hard fork called Bitcoin Cash (abbreviated as BCC) from the Roger Ver camp.

    Not all Bitcoin exchanges has been for it (like the one I use), calling it a hard fork. Roger Ver says its necessary since the likes of Tone Vays have been stubborn about their preferred direction of Bitcoin and claiming their opposing opinions have been actively censored. Pro-BCC advocates are highly enthusiastic about it, touting it as the solution to end all the problems Bitcoin is currently having.

    Most of these differences are at the detail level very technical-related and at a level programmers and coders would understand. As a layman I see the schism and infighting as a problem and hence my skepticism at Bitcoin’s long term success. Blockchain technology which is the decentralized process of which Bitcoin is one of the first applications to use will have a future as long as the Internet is around, with new applications like Steemit and Dtube (becoming popular as a result of Youtube becoming a full fledged control arm of the Matrix)

    The advantage I have found with Bitcoin is as a speculator, as its easier to do on a Bitcoin Exchange compared to a typical stock market. The stock market requires minimum $3,500 in my country as deposit to be able to trade, which I am not enthusiastic about, so speculating on a Bitcoin exchange is a great way to learn how to speculate without having to find too much capital and making some additional cash with the current trend in Bitcoin value against the Dollar.

    But as a long term investment I would advise caution. This warning seems like overused in the realm of investing, but often seems to be ignored by heated emotions and monolithic viewpoints (think of the typical, ‘either you agree with me 100% or you are an NWO agent’ which is going on big time with the different opinion camps).

    The above has been what I managed to find out so far with the current situation with the limited time I have between a physically demanding job and sleep, so I get my view is limited. No one can claim to be an expert on Bitcoin, if some ‘guru’ claims to be one then he is lying, as cryptocurrencies are 5 years old and its like in the early days of 1990s internet.

    I look at the above title and shake my head with skepticism, and the critics say we could be looking at a bubble. If you want to invest because you are excited by the possibility of $1 trillion for 1 BTC, go ahead – but beware that there is a possibility this might not come to pass, and you might lose it from being careless with securing it from hackers, a market crash from a bursting bubble or other unforeseen cause.

  2. If people are still reading this article, here’s how an analyst who admits he earns Bitcoin via Steemit by writing articles analyses Bitcoin without preaching like a Bitcoin truth guru:

    Rogue Money Radio Special Guest – Kenneth Schortgen Jr (8th September 2017)