Wife of JPMorgan Vice President Found Dead

(Mail Online) An investment banker was found dead after attempting to climb the Northeast’s highest peak on Monday afternoon – 24 hours after she called for help as she hiked through 100 mph winds.

Kate Matrosova, 32, arrived at the base of New Hampshire’s 5,400ft Mount Madison at 5am on Sunday, dropped off by her husband Charlie Farhoodi, who is listed on LinkedIn as a Vice President at JP Morgan.

Within hours, she activated an emergency beacon amid treacherous conditions but a team was unable to locate her in the blizzard.

Her body was found 24 hours later. It appears she died of exposure to the extreme temperatures overnight.

  • Kate Matrosova, 32, found dead in New Hampshire mountains on Monday
  • It was 24 hours after she activated emergency beacon for rescuers
  • She had just climbed Mount Madison, elevation 5,400 feet, before it was hit by 100mph wind and temperatures of -30F
  • Matrosova, a BNP Paribas banker, was dropped off at the base on Sunday at 5am by her husband who is thought to be a JP Morgan Vice President
  • The couple shared a $1 million apartment in Midtown Manhattan
  • Matrosova planned to climb to the top alone then climb another 4 peaks
  • Born in Russia, she moved to the US in 2002 and attended Harvard and University of California, Berkeley
Matrosova lived in New York City

Tragic: BNP Paribas credit trader Kate Matrosova, 32, was found dead 24 hours after she called for help as she hiked up Mount Madison


  1. Obviously intelligence is overrated. My condolences to the family, but my God, didn’t anyone think to check the weather forecast? That entire area has been hammered for weeks now, sigh.

  2. Obviously, our “government minders” need to make illegal all such attempts at “achievements”. Too dangerous.

  3. RichardEinstein on

    Obviously she wasn’t intelligent enough to go to the Weather Channel to get the local extended forecast. Write this up for the Darwin Awards.

    Why would any sane person want to climb these mountains in the middle of the winter? She must have had a few loose screws.