This Could Be The Year That Justice Is Served

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X22 Report Episode 1464

In this episode:

The job numbers are in and they are not good, jobs are down, remember these are the manipulated numbers.

Retail the big loser this time around, not surprising because retailers have been closing stores.

The labor participation rate is now down to 62.7%.

Credit Suisse is reporting more retail stores closing down this year.

Venezuela is now forced to using gold for medical supplies.

The DOJ and congress are looking into the Russian collusion probe, the FBI investigation coverup, Clinton email server and the Comey memo problem.

Will this year be the year of justice.

A Judge has ordered Fusion GPS to hand over its financial records.

The talks between North Korea and South Korea are happening on Jan 9 and the US is not invited.

Russia says this would be a great time for the US to join the peace talks.

Iranians stage protests against those who are rioting.

The agenda to have regime change in Iran is backfiring and losing momentum, this is why Nikki Haley wants the UN to take action quickly before its all over.

This article (This Could Be The Year That Justice Is Served) was originally published on X22 Report and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


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