Baffling Ancient Quarry Found In Italy?

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There are many ancient places upon our planet, which we are yet to cover upon our channel.

Many intriguing, unexplainable, and thus, controversial ancient ruins, that although, more than likely discovered, and noted by an academic at some point within modern history, has since been banished to selective ignorance, deliberately overlooked. This, often in favour of retaining ones funding, within a certain field of study.

Ancient quarries is an area of study, that is indeed filled with these ancient anomalies.
Seemingly machined stones litter many of the more intriguing locations, one of them undoubtedly Aswan Quarry. Not only containing an unfinished obelisk of gigantic proportions, but also, seemingly later additions, carved, as if left by a later advanced civilisation.

Additionally, the more prehistoric quarries that can be found dotting Americas great lakes, notably superior, copper mines and quarries,,, fly in the face of currently attested chronology, regarding ancient man.
We presumed that the most compelling of these sites, had indeed since their initial modern re-discovery, been widely studied by alternative researcher’s.

However, Cave di Cusa seems to have been largely overlooked, regardless of its astonishing ancient relics, which can be found at the site.

Located 3 kilometres south of Campobello di Mazara, in the province of Trapani, Italy…
The entire quarry, and indeed the length of the ruin, is an astonishing 1.8 kilometres long, located upon a natural ridge spanning from east to west.

According to academia, this site was quarried from the beginning of the first half of the 6th century BC.
This, regardless of the clearly shifted, mysteriously abandoned, gigantic unexplainable megaliths, which still litter the site.

We feel, with such unexplainably large stones, seemingly left “in-sitchu” at the site, like many other unexplained sites that can be found on earth, were built by an advanced ancient civilisation, capable of building with such enormous stones.

The quarry was abandoned in 409 BC when it was captured by the Carthaginians.

Regardless of academia’s limited opinions regarding the quarry, we feel the most interesting and possibly most controversial anomalies to unravel, are the abandoned cuts still at the site.

Just what were these ancient people making?

Why did they abandon these curious megaliths where they lay today?

How were they able to shift such enormous stones?

We feel there is strong evidence to suggest that cave di cusa, was an ancient quarry, once used and mysteriously abandoned, by a lost civilisation once capable of shifting unimaginably enormous stones, and as such, is highly compelling.

Narration By Don Moffit:


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