Alien Mega Structures and Earth’s Distant Past

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Is there a connection to Earth forgotton past and this constellation, and is an alien civilization trying to contact us?

Andrew Collins and British chartered engineer Rodney Hale have worked together to determine the physical modelling of the occulting objects respionsible for the massive light dips reported during the Kepler mission in connection with KIC 8462862, an F-type main sequence star in the constellation of Cygnus. They determine their line of sight profile, and through this their nature and appearance. The Kepler data for KIC 8462852 is also re-examined to better understand the 0.88-day and 48.4-day periodicities noted in connection with the star. These reveal cyclic patterns suggesting that the prediction of future light dipping episodes might be possible, as well as recurring number sequences that warrant further investigation. Indeed, Collins and Hale speculate that they could be what French astronomer Luc Arnold in a paper published in 2005 called attention-grabbing signals deriving from an extraterrestrial civilization.

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