Corey Goode: ETs and Inner Earth Beings (Transcript)

Conscious Life Expo 2017: Corey Goode


Roger Richards: My name’s Roger Richards. I serve currently as a producer for a project that we are going to be introducing tonight.

About two years ago, I heard the Blue Avian message for the first time. It hit me directly in the heart. Anybody else have a similar experience?

I think all of us are being brought together right now for various reasons, and the world is coming to the place where we’re being brought up in a higher vibration.

And Corey here, you know, you’re at the front line of that, man. And he was tasked to bring the message of the Blue Avians to a larger audience.

And it was probably about four months ago when he came to me with this idea for a comic book. How do you get this information to the people that are shut down, the people that are locked up? How many of you have family members that you would love to introduce this to, but have no way of doing that?

When Corey said “comic book” at first, I kind of was like, “What?” And then I thought about it and it makes sense.

Comic books have been used going back to World War II as far as a way of disseminating information. The images, the combination of simple text with images, very much like an infographic, it lands and it plants those seeds in the subconscious.

Corey’s been avid about trying to find a way that is an all ages platform for this message to go out. So as he talked to me more and more, this developed.

And then lots of people started coming on board. We now have a very large team of creative individuals and what we’re going to play for you tonight is the launch of the trailer here for “Sphere Being Alliance Return of the Guardians”.

Welcome, everyone. Enjoy the evening. [Applause]

Trailer: “Sphere Being Alliance Return of the Guardians”

Jimmy Church: Holy crap! Right? [Applause] I’ll just say it now, I’m Jimmy Church. I’m here to introduce Corey. Fade-to-Black, Coast to Coast AM,

Are you guys all believers? [Applause]

I’m so humbled to introduce Corey. I’ve done this a lot over the last year, introducing Corey and David, and you guys know all that, so, yeah, here I am. No big deal.

But you know what? Everybody wave at me. [Jimmy takes a photo of the audience waving.] That’s for Corey, all right?

All right, I’m going to keep this . . . We’re all here to hang out with Corey, so I’m going to keep this very brief. I do want to say this. Every time that I introduce Corey, or I bring him on the show, or we’re doing interviews, I say the same thing, and I really mean this.

I get emails. I get comments. Everybody knows about Corey, myself and David relationship. You guys all get that. You’ve all heard the interviews, right? Okay. All right. All right.

Everybody says, “Why don’t they talk more? Why aren’t we getting information? Why don’t they talk more?” Right? And I’m like, “That’s all they do!”

Right? That’s all they do is the writing, the website presence, the YouTube, Fade-to-Black. They would be on Fade-to-Black or Coast to Coast every week. I have to book other guests. I do.

But I would do that. They are right there.

Corey, am I wrong in saying that? Can I shut you up? Say, “No!”

That’s what he wants to do. That’s what he’s here to do today. I’m so excited. Please listen to everything that he has to say. It’s not about to question things or to have judgment.

It’s to collect information and share that knowledge with your friends.

We are at the brink of things. Can you guys feel this? No longer are we the strange group, man. It’s the rest of the world that’s trippin’. [Applause] Am I right? [Applause]

I’m going to say this right now, and I mean this. I want to introduce my good friend to you, Mr. Corey Goode. Corey, get on up here. [Applause]

Corey Goode: Thank you! [Corey notices a bird feather on the stage and picks it up and holds it up for everyone to see.] Is this a sign? [Laughter]

Well, thank you for joining me. I appreciate everyone that is live streaming at home joining me as well.

First of all, I’d like to thank Roger and Rene for putting all this together for me. It’s outstanding. Thank you. [Applause]

Most of you have heard my story, and I’m going to go over it again. So a lot of this you’ve already heard, but you have some eye candy to go with it this time.

When I was about the age of six, I was pulled into a program that we refer to as the MILAB program.

They identified me through standardized testing originally….

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