Courtney Brown: Implications Posting #16

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New Implications Posting from Courtney Brown, P.h. D., Director of the Farsight Institute:

Hi Everyone,

Below is the most recent Implications Posting #16 relating to the upcoming Farsight announcement that will occur on the Ides of March 2014. Again, this announcement does not involve anything like calamities, Earth changes, second comings, presidential revelations, or anything like that. It is actually much bigger in its own right. In my view, the direction of human civilization will change in an important manner as a result of this announcement. This change will not happen immediately, but in time, history will show that the date of the announcement was a crucial point in human history. Remember that ideas change worlds more than anything else.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director
The Farsight Institute

Implications Posting #16:

Remember that the leadership of a country always reflects the consciousness of the people. There are no exceptions to that, regardless of whether the leadership is virtuous or dastardly. Contemporary physics on Earth does not fully explain why this is so, although pieces of the puzzle are in clear sight if scientists would only connect the dots. Nonetheless, it is a consequence of a universal law, whether one understands why it is so or not. For this reason, it is never useful to be angry at a nation’s leadership, for the people truly do shape their own destiny regardless of who leads them. If you want to change the world for the better, the only thing that will work is to introduce a new idea to the people with clarity and focus, and then let it spread. The leadership will adapt to the new idea only when the people accept it.

1. This is one of a series of “Implications Postings” that refer to an announcement that will be made during the month of March 2014. Once made, news of this announcement will be available at and elsewhere.
2. These postings are designed to encourage broad public discussion of the March 2014 announcement. They do not directly address the specific content of the announcement.

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Source: Courtney Brown, P.h. D. (Facebook Page) | The Farsight Institute


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