February 16, 2019

Courtney Brown: Implications Posting #17

Courtney Brown

New Implications Posting from Courtney Brown, P.h. D., Director of the Farsight Institute:

Hi Everyone,

Below is the latest Implications Posting #17 from Farsight. The seven-day countdown to the major announcement begins tomorrow, Saturday the 8th of March. Remember, we are not talking about Earth changes, cataclysms, second comings, ETs landing, presidential revelations, or anything like that. This is more important, and bigger in its own way. It is just an announcement with information, but information changes worlds, and this is that kind of information. You will see. Also below is the latest Farsight Chronicles by the celebrated cartoonist, Vic Guiza. Finally, there is a link below for those of you who want to read some of the debates occurring about the announcement on a Facebook page, and you do not need to be a member of Facebook to see this page.

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director
The Farsight Institute

Implications Posting #17:

The fact that the leadership of a country always reflects the consciousness of the people does not mean that there is no need for the people to take action. We live in a universe where action is a natural consequence of thought. All actions result from thoughts of desired change. We often attribute the change to the actions. But the reality is that the change in our thoughts is the true origin of the change in our experienced manifestations, since the actions would never have occurred had the thoughts not changed first. When change does not occur, it is because we continue to think the same thoughts of frustration and the impossibility of change. If we want change, then we must change our thoughts, and nothing does this more effectively than the introduction of new information.

1. This is one of a series of “Implications Postings” that refer to an announcement that will be made during the month of March 2014. Once made, news of this announcement will be available at www.farsight.org and elsewhere.
2. These postings are designed to encourage broad public discussion of the March 2014 announcement. They do not directly address the specific content of the announcement.

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Source: Courtney Brown, P.h. D. (Facebook Page) | The Farsight Institute

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