Courtney Brown: Implications Posting #6

Courtney Brown

New Implications Posting from Courtney Brown, P.h. D., Director of the Farsight Institute:

Implications Posting #6:

There are two ways extraterrestrials can arrive on Earth. A few arrive on ships, and they clearly remember where they can from and why they are here. But most choose to born here, and they don’t remember much. Yet everyone remembers something, even if only vaguely, and personalities persist. If there was a conflict somewhere far away in ancient days, and Earth became a prison planet as a result of this conflict, then both the freedom fighters and their pursuers would arrive through both means, ships and birth. Both would feel the urge to continue the old struggle, acting out roles, some with full memory, and some without. Those with full memory would lose their advantage if they revealed themselves.

1. This is one of a series of “Implications Postings” that refer to an announcement that will be made during the month of March 2014. Once made, news of this announcement will be available at and elsewhere.
2. These postings are designed to encourage broad public discussion of the March 2014 announcement. They do not directly address the specific content of the announcement.

UPDATE, February 13, 2014: For those of you who are wondering if I am simply “leading you on” with endless Implications Postings, that is not the case. This is not a tease. A lot is going on behind the scenes, and everything is being timed correctly. This cannot happen faster. Each one of the Implications Postings will make sense once the announcement is made, and most will be glad that they sat through all of them. People will need these postings to fully understand the implications of the announcement. Once the announcement happens, there will be a lot of “noise,” and it will be too late to calmly reflect on the implications.

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Source: Courtney Brown, P.h. D. (Facebook Page) | The Farsight Institute

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