The ‘Cube’ is Back: Cube and Portal materialize next to the Sun

By UFO Sightings Hotspot

I have noticed quite a few of these types of anomalies next to the sun while browsing the Helioviewer data and it isn’t the first time photographic evidence for such kind of objects was provided but none that appear so defined or next to a possible portal.

The six frames clearly show two anomalies that appear connected, a portal appears first, then a cube materializes next to it, this could indicate that extraterrestrial ships are using the power of the Sun to create wormholes or portals.

Swiss researcher Nassim Haramein is convinced that aliens are using our Sun as a gateway for interstellar travel.

He believes the alien spacecraft somehow manipulate the extreme forces and phenomena present in or around the sun into opening portals or wormholes that connect the Solar System to various other places in our universe, maybe going even further than that.

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