Disclosure: Mars is Hiding Huge Water Reserves

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By David Nova

Does a recent disclosure that Mars is hiding huge water reserves have anything to do with President Trump’s desire to send a manned mission to Mars? Or MegaAnon’s claim that “It’s THIS strategy that’s being used to hold NASA’s feet to their own fire, by jamming unexpected and accelerated Mars and Moon initiatives and missions,” thus forcing hidden budgets and perhaps even secret space program technology into the public domain?

It’s an interesting posibility to consider.

Scientists Discover Clean Water Ice Just Below Mars’ Surface

Source: Wired | by 

Locked away beneath the surface of Mars are vast quantities of water ice. But the properties of that ice—how pure it is, how deep it goes, what shape it takes—remain a mystery to planetary geologists. Those things matter to mission planners, too: Future visitors to Mars, be they short-term sojourners or long-term settlers, will need to understand the planet’s subsurface ice reserves if they want to mine it for drinking, growing crops, or converting into hydrogen for fuel.

Trouble is, dirt, rocks, and other surface-level contaminants make it hard to study the stuff. Mars landers can dig or drill into the first few centimeters of the planet’s surface, and radar can give researchers a sense of what lies tens-of-meters below the surface. But the ice content of the geology in between—the first 20 meters or so—is largely uncharacterized.

Fortunately, land erodes. Forget radar and drilling robots: Locate a spot of land laid bare by time, and you have a direct line of sight on Mars’ subterranean layers—and any ice deposited there.

Now, scientists have discovered such a site. In fact, with the help of HiRISE, a powerful camera aboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, they’ve found several.

In this week’s issue of Science, researchers led by USGS planetary geologist Colin Dundas present detailed observations of eight Martian regions where erosion has uncovered large, steep cross-sections of underlying ice. It’s not just the volume of water they found (it’s no mystery that Mars harbors a lot of ice in these particular regions), it’s how mineable it promises to be.


It’s been a generally-agreed fact for years that Mars is hiding significant ice deposits. But the size and location of the frozen water has been uncertain, and no robotic probes have yet been able to find or extract any samples from the surface of our planetary neighbor.

But according to researchers who have analyzed imagery from two orbiting satellites, a number of sites on the planet are harboring huge “cliffs” of ice, exposed on the surface and hundreds of feet tall.

The researchers used photos from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to locate exposed ice from sections of the surface where hillsides have naturally eroded. The erosion has created huge cliffs of ice, up to 300 feet tall in some cases.

Not only are the ice reserves a significant discovery for any potential manned mission to Mars — finding water, or hydrogen and oxygen for breathing and rocket fuel, would be much easier — but it can also provide researchers with vital clues about how Mars’ climate has changed over the years. The ice cliffs provide a cross-section of the climate over the ages, much like the rings in a tree.

“We’ve found a new window into the ice for study, which we hope will be of interest to those interested in all aspects of ice on Mars and its history,” said Colin Dundas, a researcher at the US Geological Survey and the lead author of a paper outlining the findings, published today in Science. “Something caused [the ice]to be deposited and then deposited again,” and that thing is most likely to be snowfall.

From: MegaAnon | Wed. December 27, 2017

“For instance, there are many within the current admin., prior admins., in DC, the military, etc. who absolutely agree that while certain aspects of things like “global warming” may exist, thdy also agree that it’s wasteful to aimlessly and ignorantly dump hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars every year, into exorbitant, federally sanctioned EPA mandates and regulations, UN sanctioned global warming coalitions and Paris-sponsored climate accords, as they’re invalid AND useless, until we can openly learn and transparently, independently and bipartisanly, discuss, research, experiment, study, etc. without agenda funded, driven and manipulated interference or influence.

“It’s THIS strategy that’s being used to hold NASA’s feet to their own fire, by jamming unexpected and accelerated Mars and Moon initiatives and missions. NASA will no longer be enabled, exploited and played like a pawn, wasting tax payer funding like a sketchy shell corp. federal dump bucket that no one is held accountable and responsible for. NASA will no longer be utilized as a black listed, backdoored business, governmentally enabled to operate under the table and out of sight, on be half of those pulling the strings who’ve benefitted, profited and gained from the underhanded manipulation and control of it. The same will be said for things like the CDC.

“It’s ironic that no one found Trump’s awkward timing of such public proclamations towards the speedy design, development and deployment of a “mission to Mars”, more interesting…”

The president is determined to see Americans walk on Mars during his presidency, but the reality of space travel is a little more complicated

Source: The Guardian | 14 Jul 2017

Donald Trump would like to see Americans walk on Mars during his presidency – within three to seven years, depending on the whims of the voting public. Nasa would love to get there that quickly, too. The reality of space travel is slightly more complicated.

On Monday, during a call with astronaut Peggy Whitson, who was aboard the International Space Station, Trump pressed her for a timeline on a crewed mission to Mars, one of Nasa’s longest standing and most daunting goals.

“Tell me, Mars,” he asked her from the Oval Office, “what do you see a timing for actually sending humans to Mars? Is there a schedule and when would you see that happening?”


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