Disclosure’s Impact On Public Release Of “Forbidden” Breakthrough Technologies

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Thomas Valone, PhD LIVE with Richard C. Hoagland

Critics have long claimed that one of the key reasons for the decades-long, official US government cover-up of UFOs … has to do with “ET game-changing technologies” — relentlessly suppressed for over 70 years, both in the interest of “national security” … and in “protecting the oil companies’.”

Tonight, we’re going to critically investigate such “breakthrough technologies” … and their demonstrated ability to provide civilization with truly radical, almost unimaginable improvements in the lives of “ordinary humans” — from limitless, non-polluting energy … to true “anti-gravity” … to effective human immortality!

Join us — and find out if the Pentagon’s recent official admission to the “reality of UFOs” means, in fact, a new Golden Age of Science and Technology is about to dawn for ALL humanity ….

Richard C. Hoagland

About Richard C. Hoagland

Richard C. Hoagland is a former museum space science Curator; a former NASA Consultant; and, during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. In the mid-1960’s, at the age of 19 (possibly “the youngest museum curator in the country at the time”), Hoagland created his first elaborate commemorative event — around NASA’s first historic unmanned fly-by of the planet Mars, Mariner 4. A simultaneous all-night, transcontinental radio program the evening of the Encounter (linking the museum in Springfield, Mass., and NASA’s JPL control center, in Pasadena, Ca.), co-produced by Hoagland and WTIC-Radio, in Hartford, Ct., was subsequently nominated for a Peabody Award, one of journalism’s most prestigious.

In the early 1970’s, Hoagland proposed to Carl Sagan (along with Eric Burgess) the placement of a “message to Mankind” aboard Pioneer 10 — humanity’s “first unmanned probe of Jupiter“; subsequent to its 1973 Jovian Encounter, celestial mechanics resulted in Pioneer 10 becoming the first artifact to successfully escape the solar system into the vast Galaxy beyond — carrying “the Plaque” — whose origins were officially acknowledged by Sagan in the prestigious journal, SCIENCE (175 [1972], 881). (source)

About Thomas Valone, PhD, PE

Thomas Valone, PhD, PE
Integrity Research Institute
5020 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite 209
Beltsville MD 20705         
301-220-0440, 800-295-7674 
FAX: 301-513-5728 


THOMAS F. VALONE, PHD, PE is a physicist and licensed professional engineer with over 30 years professional experience, is a former patent examiner, research engineer, instrumentation designer, CEO, and currently an author, lecturer, and consultant on future energy developments. He was Research Director for Scott Aviation-ATO, Inc., founder of Integrity Research Institute and the inventor of such electrotherapy devices as the EM Pulser, EM PulsePad, OsteoPad, and the high voltage Premier Junior. Dr. Valone also supervised the design and construction of the world’s first narrowband 60 Hz gaussmeter without harmonic distortion and the first dental mercury vapor ionizer-precipitator. He is the author of Zero Point Energy: The Fuel of the Future, Practical Conversion of Zero Point Energy, The Homopolar Handbook, Electrogravitics Systems, Electrogravitics II, Bioelectromagnetic Healing, PROCEEDINGS OF THE FIRST TO NINTH CONFERENCES ON FUTURE ENERGY, and over 100 reports and articles. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, National Space Society, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. His works have been published in German, Korean, French, Russian, and English.


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