Documents Support Claims of Covert Navy Operation in Nazi Germany Tied to Secret Space Programs

Documents Support Claims of Covert Navy Operation in Nazi Germany Tied to Secret Space Programs

By Dr. Michael Salla

The sensational claim by retired aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, that he was involved in a covert operation out of Nazi Germany, which provided intelligence on antigravity vehicles that helped launch a secret U.S. Navy space program, has just been given a boost by documents recently obtained by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

A number of the documents confirm that the signature on two exit passes provided by Tompkins, who says he carried intelligence briefing packets out Naval Air Station San Diego about the Nazi antigravity craft to U.S. aerospace research facilities, belonged to Rear Admiral Rico Botta.

Another FOIA document, along with one of the exit passes, supports Tompkins’ claim that he was directed by Admiral Botta to use his personal plane to take briefing materials to advanced U.S. aerospace facilities working on experimental aircraft.


The two exit passes are dated December 12, 1943 and April 17, 1944 and respectively refer to Tompkins being permitted to carry one and three packages out of the Naval Air Station. These exit passes display a signature which Tompkins states belong to Admiral Rico Botta, who was the Assembly and Repair Officer for the Naval Air Station.

Botta’s signature, which appears on a number of the FOIA documents received from the National Archives, matches the signature on the exit passes..

An example of Botta’s signature appears on a Navy personnel file with his photo dated from 1934 when he was a Lieutenant Commander.


The following graphic shows a side by side comparison of the 1934 document with the two exit passes.


Dr. Robert Wood, an expert who specializes in document authentication, states in a September 25 email that the signatures “look identical.”

On September 26, I spoke by phone with Dan Willis, who worked at the Naval Communication Station in San Francisco for a tour of duty between 1968 and 1971, and later worked for 13 years at the Naval Electronic Communication Engineering Center in San Diego. He also had often visited the San Diego Naval Air Station where his father worked for 20 years…

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Source: Exopolitics


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