ET Contact IS Real and it IS Happening!

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ET Contactees, Researchers, Scientists say, “Contact IS Real and Happening!”

“This is not an American phenomenon. This is not a Western phenomenon. This is a GLOBAL phenomenon.”

David Jacobs, Ph.D – Professor of History, Temple University

By Alexis Brooks

ET Contact. These days, it’s nearly inescapable.

Despite the media (MSM) determined to veer us away from the most important, positive paradigm changing events that are happening everyday, more and more individuals are coming forward to report their own ET contact experiences.

But what is going on? Why is this happening? And why on earth are so many now talking about (in some cases) a lifetime of contact with non-human intelligence?

According to documentary filmmaker, quantum consciousness researcher (and contactee) Caroline Cory, the answer may just be that we are in fact in the midst of a shift – the likes of which we humans have never seen before.

Her exhaustive research that culminated into her award winning documentary film, Gods Among Us – The Science of Contact captures a wide range of individuals, from contactees young and old, to academics to hard-nosed scientists. Taken together, Gods Among Us makes the case that contact is happening, has been happening, and shows no signs of waning any time soon.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline on-location at the 2017 Contact in the Desertevent in Joshua Tree, California. Despite a hot day in the desert and the bustling of hundreds of attendees passing us by, I couldn’t help but to stay focused on what she had say.

And believe me – what she had to say was quite revelational!

For example…

When a young man named Zachariah Heim described how at 9 years old he “connected” with the late great scientist/inventor Nikola Tesla and also spoke of his excursions with other like minded children on board craft to learn about quantum universal principles, and other reality bending ideas.

Zacariah Heim – ET Contactee

or when…

During an experiment to determine whether Caroline could move a small object with her thoughts to test the validity of psychokinesis (PK), they were successful (multiple times).

or when…

A variety of experiencers (who didn’t know each other) were able to get instantaneous telepathic downloads and then translate the messages into what is known as “Star” or “Light” language and then corroborate each other’s messages.

Though to the masses, these feats of reality still sound preposterous, slowly but surely those within the sciences and other forms of structured research are beginning to relent to the idea that we are no doubt intermingled with another form of intelligence.

But where is this going?

It’s all about consciousness, and evolution, and urgency! ET researcher and regression therapist Mary Rodwell has said many times that those in which she comes in contact with (e.g. experiencers, “new humans,” et al) are adamant about their mission – to get people to wake up: shut down the minutiae and start looking at the bigger picture.

Our lives  and survival just might depend on it!

I was thrilled to interview Ms. Cory about her award winning film (just grabbed the Philip K. Dick award for BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE” at the 2017 Sci Fi Film Festival in New York City on May 28th, 2017), and to learn more about the inside scoop of “Contact.”

Be sure to check out my interview with her (above video) or to find out what she had to say. And by all means, go watch the film!

GODS AMONG US – The Science of Contact Trailer

Alexis Brooks is the #1 best-selling author of Conscious Musings, writer/editor for CLN and host of the award-winning show Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks. Alexis brings over 30 years of broadcast media experience to CLN. For over half of that time, Alexis has dedicated her work to the medium of alternative journalism, having researched and reported on the many aspects and angles of metaphysics, spirituality and new thought concepts.

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  1. There are no longer any Aliens on Earth. If they are now, they are in violation of SOC Laws and breaking an Inter-Species Treaty we have signed with 33 other Alien Species.

    Of the 33, 19 of them have, in the past, traveled to Earth and done some “Exploration” of the Planet and Humans.

    There are, at this point, 81 known Species from other Planets. We have only been in contact with the 33 and we haven’t contacted the other 48 Species for various reasons. 2 of them are more advanced Technologically than we are in regards to Space Travel and more importantly Weapons and Ships. They do not appear aggressive and they don’t appear to have any knowledge of Earth, they both have only very limited contact with other Species and basically do their own thing. From what we can tell, they just have no real interest in contact with other Species and we aren’t sure why.

    Earth is kind of on a “Galactic Island” of its own. We are several hundreds of Light years away from the closest Intellectual Alien Life. Many of the Alien Species we know and have had contact with are all within 1-70 Light years away from each other.

    Sorry to say, NONE of the known Alien Species look anything like us, nor do they look Reptillian. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there that do. There are several of them that have what we would call Telepathic abilities and that is a result of their unusual (to us) Brain design(s). I mention them because they are very difficult to deal with and are the only Species to pose a possible threat to Earth, simply because they can essentially read your mind and in some cases, make you do things you might not want to. Overall though, they are Peaceful Species as are all the others we have encountered. Many of them have had communications and Relations among themselves for hundreds of our years. When Trading with them, our Music is a HUGE thing and a very valuable form of Currency. They have Music, but nothing like ours. I think that is because most of these Races of Lifeforms are very Docile. We do not explain life on Earth to the ones that don’t know about it as they in some cases, would not be able to understand our tendency for Violence and other ways that we handle our Emotions. Some of them don’t even realize what violence is. So, what they know of Earth and Humans is what they see from the SOC. We have NEVER fired a Weapon at another Species, but we have been responsible for the Deaths of many because of not taking enough precautions when meeting them Face to Face. Think Europeans and the American Indians. Fortunately, they were able to overcome their illnesses and because they have no form of “Revenge” we did not end up in a War. Some of them don’t even realize we have Weapons at all because they have none. We do not share or Trade our Offensive or Defensive Capabilities. We are more advanced than most of them in many ways and in some, very less advanced. Things like this are a big reason why the SOC is so secretive from the Nations and people of Earth. Many of us think it is time to slowly bring the people of Earth into the mix….VERY SLOWLY. We really need to advance emotionally as a people and society before we can “Open the Floodgates” so to speak.

    So, how do I know this? It’s because Earth has its own Interstellar Space Fleet, we are called the SOC. I “retired” from it 2 years ago as a Colonel. America even has one of its own Larger ships, called a “Cruiser”. It was officially launched on May 12th, 1981. We also have several smaller Fighters and a few other Nations in the SOC have one or two of their own Cruisers. The rest of the 4 Fleets are made up of Ships from our Space Coalition (SOC) of 11 other Nations. There are the Big Ships, Cruisers, small 3 man fighters, a few different sizes and types of Supply Ships and the rest are Research Vessels. We have some very serious Technology that has been developed, given to us, and acquired thru Trade with other Species. With the exception of the 2 more advanced Species, Nobody comes close to our Weapons or Defensive Capabilities. We have 10 Space Stations Orbiting Earth for Defense but only One is visible to the Human Eye at a Distance, that is, of course, the International Space Station. The other 9 are much more elaborate and Cloaked with a Magnetic Energy Shield, which originally was designed and called an Electro-Magnetic Energy Shield (EMS), which also can repel Projectile and Energy based Weapons. If you research the Original name, I bet you can figure out what Scientist created the system and design. Along with that, we have 400 Defense Satellites in Space. They were put into Space by the 12 Nation Coalition and are Unregistered by any Satellite Database but they are up there and they are pointing OUT towards Space. Specific information on them is Classified but some of them are used for Monitoring and some have Projectile and Energy Based Weapons. There are also various Satellites and Space Stations around our Solar System for Research and Defense. There is another Project in development for Defense of Earth against uninvited and hostile Alien Species as well as a Rogue Asteroid. This name accidentally got put out in public thru a Computer Hack. It is called Project Solar Warden. Some mistakenly believe it is the name of an American Interstellar Space Program, but it is just a Defense Program. It has been in research for many years and thus far has not been a success. It involves creating and using the Sun Spots or Waves of Solar Radiation to be directed at an object. It has been deemed “The Suntan that Kills” lol. But so far, all that we have done is to “Fry” every Directional Node used. Even our Magnetic Energy Shields can’t defend against it for more than a few minutes. Once perfected, this will be the Ultimate Defensive Weapon for Earth. One thing I have learned as an Officer in the SOC is that NOTHING is unattainable. We have broken Barriers that were thought to “Be out of Reach”. The Trick was to figure out the mistakes made by and what was incorrect by many Scientists, including Einstein. Hint: There is much more to the equation, E=MC2.
    Our ability for Interstellar Space Flight came very easily once some Changes in Science were found out. This was made possible by a more technologically and all around advanced Timeline. We call it the OT or the Original Timeline. Our ships are not powered by any known Chemical Fuel and to get long distances in short periods of time, we actually “Bend or Fold” (for a better lack of a description without getting too specific), Space and Time to accomplish it. Yes, travel with the Latter is possible, but from some disastrous incidents and the attempts to fix them, it is illegal and outlawed. The technology had to be adjusted to prevent “accidental” Time Travel. You can’t do it without being caught and technology is in place if someone did it, to track them and exempt the SOC and Fleets from any Changes i.e. “Time Bubbles”.

    Hint: The Allies did NOT win WWII the first time around. President Hitler obtained the A-bomb first. I was born in Minnesota, but it was NOT part of the United States of America when I was born. There was no United States of America after 1949. It became The American States of the Third Reich. But that is a very long and complicated story as to how once Time Travel was found as a side-effect of Interstellar Travel, a “Reset” of History occurred by accident. Actually, if you are 43 years or older, you have had 5 different “Resets” of YOUR History. Originally, all of the Technology for Interstellar Space Flight and the unintended Time Travel resulting from it began in 1974. Anyone under 22 has never had their History, Reset.

    Believe it or not, life as The American States of the Third Reich was much better than now. We had World Peace, virtually no Hunger or Homelessness. Our Technology and Medical levels were much more advanced. There were no Racial issues, those were settled in the 1950’s when President Hitler deemed Racism a crime punishable by death. This only happened after he realized he could not, nor should he control Human DNA and Genetics among other things and that the differences in People were created by Nature and intended just as they are and should be accepted and the People not be segregated or Punished for their differences. It didn’t happen overnight and did cause a lot of issues in many different nations. But once people saw that President Hitler was serious about the crime for Racism, it settled down quite a bit and after a couple of Generations, was essentially over. Religions were allowed in Private Home settings only and under very strict control. Some parts of Religions were Banned and removed from any Teachings and Holy Books. Any violations or public displays of Religion were punished severely. (Yes, we did still have Christmas, it was just morphed into a Goodwill towards all Mankind sort of thing, no crazy shopping either lol).

    Another Hint: Religion, ALL Religions are wrong, that is something we learned as a result of our Space Exploration and that is all I will say about that because there is very much into and about it, some of which is still up for Debate as to how the SOC should officially handle it. President Hitler actually turned into a very iconic and fair leader after WWII. In his memoirs, he came to the realization that as the leader of the World, he could control some things, but other things should be left to Nature and Man. He also came to the conclusion as Leader of the World, it was a responsibility greater than himself, the Third Reich, or just Germany and in order to have Peace, many things, including those dealing with his personal life and beliefs, had to change, some very drastically. Most Nations were self-governing and you did not see many displays of the “Third Reich” as you did during WWII. Over the course of time and with new leaders brought some change away from it. But it was not Deemed a Bad thing, it was just an “Honored” thing that we evolved away from. President Hitler led the world until he retired in 1959 and from that point on, Each Nation had one vote on who they wanted to Lead Earth. 4 attempts were made at “Resetting” the Timeline but none were successful and we stopped at the Shithole timeline we are at now as each attempt to “Reset” the timeline actually made things worse. I don’t believe they will ever attempt another “Reset” as many of the people who were alive during the Original Timeline and remember it are aging and dying off. Decades of Families have been born and many don’t want to lose that. But, as one of several thousand still around that remember the original timeline, I can assure you, we are extremely worse off now then the original Timeline.

    You don’t have to worry about WWIII and a Nuclear War. The technology exists to destroy any ICBM launched today. In fact, we could destroy them all if every one of them was launched at once. Many World Leaders do not even know of the existence of SOC. Our last and current President didn’t. They are told on a need to know basis only. Their job is to take care of and run their Nations, they have Zero power within or about the SOC. Like I said, the SOC is completely separate from any Nation on Earth. The SOC is like its own Government/Nation/Planet and is answerable ONLY to itself. The SOC also CANNOT interfere in the Direction of the Planet UNLESS the unthinkable happens. In a way, the SOC is patterened much like the Original Timeline was. A part of me hates the fact I have retired to the World in which we live in now. It is so much different from how I grew up, but the other options are not really options. Being off-world you miss the Sun, I myself missed the 4 seasons the most. I like Winter and on Earth, you can actually go outside in the Winter lol. I had to retire to make room for younger, more knowledgeable “Kids” coming up thru the Ranks. There is not a lot of room on the Ships for “Retired” people or actually, Non-Functioning Members, that is officially what I am called now. I will ALWAYS be a Member of the SOC first, I am an American Second. This America is very “Alien” to me. So, we have the option of retiring to Earth, a Research Station on any of the Planets but not a Space Research Station (room issue again), or one of three Alien Planets we are allowed to occupy. But there is still NOTHING as beautiful as Earth out there for us to live on, with or without an existing Species of Lifeforms.

    There is a big reason for autonomous Government control, and why the SOC does not operate under the Control of any one Nation on Earth or fall under the UN Jurisdiction. It is to avoid the conflicts of Earth’s Nations. There are 4 founding members of the SOC, but it is controlled by a Board of Leaders from the Coalition members. Like I said, It and they operate completely separate from any Nation on Earth. For instance, in Space I would not be considered an American, I am officially a Member of the SOC and I am that for my entire Life. This way, any incidents, issues or Actions of the Independent Nations on Earth, like a War between Coalition Members, will not have any effect on the SOC. If they even think you are at conflict with another SOC member or the SOC Government because of Race, Religion, Former Nation Patriotism, etc. you will face some very serious problems and more than likely will end up on a Far Reaching Research Station or Planet, which there are over a Hundred of. Most members of the SOC have either or both Military and Science experience. There are no “Janitors” as members of the SOC lol.

    The reason I write this is that very soon word will get out of Alien Life being “Found”. As to how this will happen, it is not known, the why is someone leaked something. At this time, the SOC will probably come forward as well to quell any Fears of the General Earth Population. They will also use this to recruit new Members and Funds to build more Ships. Hint: The Paris Accords were designed to secretly raise Funds for the SOC. But, as the Main Nation involved, America would have had to pay the most. President Trump, who doesn’t know anything about the SOC didn’t realize what it REALLY was for lol. Like him or not, he really seems to be looking out for at least the Financial Welfare of America. The 2016 Election was my first Election I have ever voted in as it is the First time I have been “Stationed” on Earth or America for any real length of time, but it is my home now, for the rest of my foreseeable future and lifetime. The core of our 4 Fleets is aging. They have been Retrofitted numerous times as new Tech comes available but the manner of Interstellar Flight that we use is very hard on the Ships themselves, Structurally. Space Flight is very Cool for the 1st 5 minutes, then it gets old very quick lol. Also, it’s not like Star Trek where we go to an unknown Planet and “Beam” down. There are many Probes sent first, discussions about existing Lifeforms, Dangers, Bacteria, microbes, etc. In some cases, we have been studying planets that don’t even have intelligent lifeforms for 8 years and we haven’t sent an Exploration Team yet. There is always the fear of a disease or illness from the atmosphere or any part of the Planets. Even habitable Planets are explored with Bio Suits many times before a “Bare” Exploration happens. This is because of an accident early on in the program where several Teams became violently ill and Died in Extreme Pain. Perhaps Died isn’t the right word. They were Euthanized. There was no help for them and they were in constant agony with nothing being able to help them. Even in an induced Medical Coma, they were in constant pain. When awake, they would scream until they passed out. The problem is, some Planets have microbes and Bacterias that are poisonous to Humans and we can’t even Detect some of them with any of our equipment. There are some things that are just so Alien to us, that we can’t even fathom them and because of this, we can’t come up with a way to detect them and treat any side-effects from them.

    Anyways, there is a lot more, but I really don’t want to “Cross a line” that could be traced back to me.
    Punishments in the SOC are very severe. Even as a Retired or Non-Functioning Member, I can be recalled at ANY time should an Emergency arise either in Space or on Earth. As such, if I got caught breaking a Rule or Law of the SOC (like this, but they can’t track my Computer system), I would be “Recalled” and sent to a Research Station or Planet for the rest of my life. Some of them make the Antartic seem Balmy lol.

    Oh, one more thing…..Climate Change. It’s Man Made, but not from anything being done on Earth, it is a side effect of Project Solar Warden. You can’t be messing with Solar Radiation and not expect to end up with issues on Earth. If it gets much worse, they will be shelving the Project. You really didn’t think what happens on Earth could make the kind of Changes being seen on Earth, did you?

  2. Now there is some grade A bullshit. As a multi decade field researcher there are two truths I came away with:

    1. There are no aliens
    2. The UFO field is a charlatanfest

    • You should look into the career and research of Mary Rodwell and the evidence she presents. I can personally verify that the phenomenon is indeed happening due to my own sightings.