February 16, 2019

Val Valiant Thor, lived as a stranger at the Pentagon for 3 years interacting with President Eisenhower and Vice President at the White House and Air Force military brass. This video explores the conspiracy theories surrounding Val Thor’s Pentagon tenure.

Frank E. Stranges Ph.D. is best known today for his best selling work ‘Stranger at the Pentagon‘ which was first published in 1967. His book captured the imagination and sparked one of the longest running mythologies relating to the UFO phenomenon amd hollow Earth in his history. If his sensational story is true, as many people believe it is, then it strikes an entirely new perspective on the history of 20th century America.

Stranger at the Pentagon by Frank E. Stranges Ph.D.

Dr. Stranges always struck rather a curious figure in UFO circles. He was a dedicated UFO hunter and a freelance private investigator who apparently never had any trouble accepting the veracity of extra-terrestrial activity. At the same time, he was an evangelical Christian preacher and the founder of a group called the International Evangelism Crusades. According to Dr Franke, it was this unusual combination of beliefs that marked him out as the natural messenger for some very important otherworldly information.

Dr. Stranges claimed that at some point in 1958, he came into the possession of a photograph of a extraterrestrial named Valiant Thor and his second in command, a female named Jill. Dr. Stranges showed off the image at UFO conferences and claimed that Val Thor and Jill were extra-terrestrial beings from planet Venus. This behavior attracted the attentions of the authorities, and eventually, Dr. Stranges was contacted by a Pentagon insider called Nancy Warren who told him that, astoundingly, Val himself had requested a personal meeting.

Naturally, Dr. Stranges was more than happy to accept the invitation and met with Valiant Thor. Val informed him that he and his three person crew had arrived on March 16th, 1957 in a town called Alexandria in Virginia. After Nancy Warren and Frank Strange landed in Alexandria, they are said to have met with two police officers who quickly transferred the information they were telling them onto the Pentagon. The four extra-terrestrial beings would then go on to meet with Neil H McElroy, the Secretary of Defence at the time, and following that, President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon. It is believed that for a significant period after this meeting, Val and his team met with the senior politicians and Air Force commanders on numerous occasions and gave them advice on policy and dealings with other extra-terrestrial beings. (source)


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  • Talking to Dwight Eisenhower with anything helpful for humanity is like casting pearls before swine………the way I see it…..see “Other Losses” by James Baque for my point.

  • Michele may have a point above. What I struggle with are the simple stand out things. For example: What kind of name is “Valiant Thor?” This is a tell, surely? I mean why would Venusians be named after Greek Gods? Perhaps all people on Venus have mythological deity names? Let’s see now, perhaps I could be called Noble Zeus or Humble Poseidon if I was from Venus. Anyway, my point here is I don’t like the smell of the story premise. Aliens being named after Greek Gods and living on a planet that has a hellish atmosphere and is covered in volcanoes – if we believe the official narrative about the planet – just doesn’t smell right to me. Where is Valiant Thor now? Facebook anyone. Facial recognition anyone?

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