February 18, 2019

By Solaris

The Joy of Searching for Sky Phenomena

I was able to get a second look at the Secret Space Program craft that showed up in a recent video.

I love tracking the evolution of these ‘stories’ as I like to call them.

I love to take a look and ask: what is that thing in the sky that looks so unusual? And: “Let’s take a closer look!”

And then, through experimenting, and experimenting, to come up with evidence from many different and evolving viewpoints of what that phenomenon might be.

Further Evidence of Secret Space Program Ship

Recently I videoed a lightship flash, and when I took screen shots and edited the lighting in the photograph – because I was trying to get a look at what the UFO might look like that flashed me – I noticed a strange shape a short distance from the UFO.

And I concluded that this was a Secret Space Program vehicle. We talked about this second UFO in the article Found Another UFO (Secret Space Program) While Deep Diving Into the Lightship UFO Flash.

Through further editing of the light in of the original photograph, I came up with this view of the craft:

Confirming the Shape of the Secret Space Program Craft

There are several aspects of this photograph that confirm previous observations about this craft.

The shape is reminiscent of the hand drawing I have done of this craft:

The key difference is that arms cannot be distinguished from the main shape of the craft from this view. However, if we orient the drawing so that it is in the same direction as the craft in this photograph (north northeast), and I colored it blue to match the light edited photograph and for fun, we get this:

As you can see, the image I hand drew has a very similar geometric shape to the craft I have highlighted in the sky! Let’s put them side by side at thumbnail size:

interdimensional, cloaked ship, cloaking technology, UFO, secret space program, disclosure, sky phenomena phenomenon, Solaris Modalis, SolarisModalisNow, that is pretty cool, isn’t it!

Here is a view of how it first looked when I search through the clouds to locate UFOs – you can see why I envisioned arms on the craft:


I discuss this photograph above, how I designed my hand drawing, and how this shape in the sky reveals evidence of Secret Space Program activity in the video and article Secret Space Program Craft Shows Up in My Photo.

One note – with the way that I adjusted the lighting on the above photograph, it did not pick up any reflection or anamoly related to the cloaking device. However, upon entirely revisiting editing the lighting in the photograph, I was able to see what appears to be the edges of the cloaking area.

Spotting the Cloaking Device

The last aspect of evidence of Secret Space Program technology that I’d like to review is visual evidence of a cloaking device.

In this version of the light edited photograph below, there is a pale blue geometric shape I have outlined. I have outlined the ship and cloaking area in the photograph. Let’s start by taking another look at the photograph before I draw the area the cloaking extends over.

In the photograph above, the Secret Space Program craft looks like an extended pentagram. You can see a geometric shape seems to surround the craft in pale blue lighting.  There are two clear edges, on the left of the craft, again hinting at a pentagram type shape. It is most visible on the left in the photo, but you can see it at the top of the craft and at the back a bit also. Here are how I draw the outline of the cloaking area:

It’s not perfect; it is as much as we can ascertain from this photograph. But the feel that this is a geometric shaped patch of energy around the craft is clearly there.

Love, Solaris

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