Grave of 2nd Century baby with elongated skull unearthed in Crimea

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Burial of a 1 year old baby with skull heavily deformed by barbaric traditions discovered

By Strange Sounds

The burial of a child of the 2nd century AD was discovered by archaeologists at the ancient necropolis of Kyz-Aul in the east of Crimea.

The expedition members dubbed him “the grave of an alien” as the skull of the 1 year old child was heavily deformed from barbaric tradition.

According to anthropologists, at the time of his death, the child was no more than one and a half years old.

Burial of a baby with alien skull discovered in Crimea. via

Next to the skeleton of the child found a molded vessel, small beads of pastel glass and a bracelet of copper alloy.

Deformed skulls of human alien found on Earth.

It is possible that the boy was later destined to become a warrior to defend the Bosporan state as it is thought that changing the shape of a skull may also alter the nature of a man, for example, to increased aggressivity.

The baby with the deformed alien skull may have been chosen to become a defender of the State.

Or maybe these skulls are irrefutable evidence of contact with aliens…

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  1. The baby’s Descendant’s are controlling The Vatican. Her/His Ancestors are in suspended Animation in those ET Ships at the bottom of the Antarctic Ice- which is why everybody who is “somebody” has been running off to Antarctica in the last year or two.